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    FBI Busts Indiana Archaeologist With Thousands of Artifacts

    The FBI has seized thousands of archaeological artifacts from 91-year-old amateur archaeologist Don Miller. It's unclear if Miller actually broke any laws with his collection, but the FBI plans to return at least some of the items to their country of origin. That could take a while considering the size and range of the collection.

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  2. Entertainment

    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Honest Trailer Reminds Us How Bad It Really Was

    Just when you thought our five-year nerd rage over the cinematic garbage that was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was finally beginning to simmer down, the avid film aficionados over at Screen Junkies have to reopen old wounds and throw in the salt with their latest Honest Trailer tearing apart the aforementioned rubbish blockbuster. Pointing out every single flaw -- which is a tad redundant since Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as a whole is a major flaw -- with keen observations that lay down the snark in spades, we're finding it difficult to laugh and control our seething anger at the same time. Damn that cheesy scene of Shia LeBeouf swinging with the monkeys to Hades! Damn it all!

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    Crystal Skullduggery: Lucasfilm Sued Over Infringing Use of the Relic in Indiana Jones Flick

    In yet another instance of absurd-sounding legal claims, archaeologist and director of the Institute of Archeology of Belize, Dr. Jaime Awe, has filed a lawsuit against Lucasfilm, its parent the Walt Disney Company, and film distributor Paramount Pictures for using a likeness of the crystal skull in the fourth and most recent Indiana Jones flick without formal consent from the government of Belize. Allegedly stolen by British explorer F.A. Mitchell-Hedges in the early 20th century, Awe is demanding that the relic be returned as well as asking to receive a cut of the film's profits.

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  4. Entertainment

    Movie Franchises That Died on the Vine at Number Four

    The newest release in the long-winded Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise is now in theatres. I’m sure, somewhere, somebody is rejoicing that fact. It’s probably worth mentioning that my despair didn’t stop said movie from raking in boatloads of cash. Literal boatloads. Okay, not really. But still, a lot of money was made.  My despair also had nothing to do with Roger Ebert giving the most recent iteration fewer stars than Mel Gibson’s latest outing, The Beaver. Yes, the one where he wears a beaver puppet on his hand throughout the film. That is what scored more favorably. This turn of events brought to mind other movie franchises that managed the trifecta but couldn’t quite pull off the fourth. Also, just to get it out of the way, I am fairly positive The Matrix would be included here were it not for the remarkably sane decision to stop at three.

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  5. Weird

    What If Tom Selleck Had Played Indiana Jones?

    Sorry, Selleck Waterfall Sandwich, but you may have just been bested in the highly competitive category of Tom Selleck-inspired fan art. Inspired by the fact that Stephen Spielberg initially cast Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones, but had to give the role to Harrison Ford instead when CBS wouldn't let him take the part due to his Magnum, P.I. contractual obligations. (Spielberg had wanted Ford anyway, but producer George Lucas was initially hesitant.) DeviantART user Gh0stbuster has imagined an alternate-universe Raiders of the Lost Ark starring Selleck. (Gh0stbuster via via GEEKLEETIST)

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