1. Tech

    The Untold Tales of Software Piracy [Infographic]

    Software piracy has had a very interesting, successful history. From bulletin boards, to FTP sites, to IRC fileservers, to the currently popular torrent, the methods of software piracy moves with the times, and modernizes as fast and as frequently as any other technology. Whether or not one supports or abhors software piracy, its long and innovative history is always interesting, and the speed at which software becomes cracked and distributed after release is always impressive, regardless of how illegal it is. The folks over at Starmedia have put together a neat infographic about the history of software piracy, which includes some interesting numbers, such as the average amount of illegal downloads at any given time, based on company. Check out the full infographic after the break.

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  2. Tech

    Google+ Cheat Sheets Help You Learn the Ropes, Won’t Help You Get 30 Extra Lives

    Since we're all so used to the Facebook way of social networking, finding your way around Google+ and getting a good feel for what you're actually doing can be a little tough. If you feel like you need a little extra assistance or at least a way to check your answers, we've got some Google+ cheat sheets for you. Simon Laustsen, a dude from Denmark, took the time to write up these charts as a service to humanity and I, on behalf of humanity, thank him. These cheat sheets will definitely help you find your way around Google+ land, but they also seem to indicate at best, how complex Google+ is, and at worst, how un-user-friendly it is right now. Either way, if you hadn't spent the last 5 years with a Facebook IV drip, that interface would probably be a little baffling too. Check out another Laustsen cheat sheet and a handy flowchart from a fellow with the amazing name of Lee Swagerty, after the jump.

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  3. Gaming

    How Nintendo Killed 3DS Interest: 9 Easy Steps Over One Year [Infographic]

    Japan isn't buying the Nintendo 3DS for all the seasons one might expect: Poor current library of games, a hefty price tag, or because they're satisfied by other handheld systems. Though we have Japan's reasons, what exactly led to them? Couldn't Nintendo have done something about it? After all, they're in control of their own handheld. After the break, check out the full chart explaining how Nintendo killed interest in the Nintendo 3DS. It only took Nintendo one year to do so -- hey, they're still good at something!

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  4. Tech

    The History of Skype [Infographic]

    With the famous video-phone service Skype now in the hands of Microsoft, you might be wondering about its origins and how it came to be worth nearly $9 billion in the eight years since its creation. This infographic covers the history of the company, and the software, that has let people from around the world talk to each other face to face and took phone sex to a whole new level. Read on after the break for the jumbo-sized full version.

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  5. Science

    Terrifying Infographic on the Health Dangers of Sitting

    If the New York Times article from a few weeks back about how sitting down will make you fat and/or kill you wasn't frightening enough, now, there's an infographic on the same subject, complete with chairs casting sinister shadows as they spout such statistics as "Sitting 6+ hours per day makes you up to 40% likelier to die within 15 years than someone who sits less than 3. Even if you exercise." The presentation is a tad on the sensationalistic side, and it's from a site called "Medical Billing and Coding," but it's hard not to be a little spooked by stuff like this if you are a knowledge worker by profession.

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  6. Weird

    The Infographic Infographic [Infographic]

    Infographics have been fairly popular in the age of the Internet, as people learned to trick others into thinking digesting information is a lot more fun when it's plastered on a graphic. It seems someone caught the trick, as the above infographic about infographic states, "Just because it's graphical, it doesn't mean it's useful."

    (Ariel Waldman via BuzzFeed)

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  7. Tech

    A World Without Facebook [Infographic]

    Search and social blog Single Grain reminds us what the world would be like without Facebook. A cruel and desolate place, no doubt, where one has to send emails to show off pictures and call people on the phone if one should plan an event. Head on past the break to see the full graphic, and be thankful we no longer have to force our previous night's exploits into a conversation and can simply post them on Facebook for all to see.

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  8. Tech

    Infographics Constructed in Real Life

    We've posted plenty of infographics in our day, and this has to be one of the coolest sets we've seen: Columbian photographer Jose Duarte has used real-world materials to construct a series of infographics representing the state of the Internet. These are a lot more memorable than the bevy of overly graphic-designed infographic SEO plays by insurance companies and online schools, no? Hopefully this proof of concept leads to more compelling data visualization across the Web. Full set below:

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  9. Tech

    Signs That You Need a Social Media Detox [Infographic]

    But hashtags and @ replies would make real-life conversations so much better! #Amirite? Anyone? Column Five Media has put together this clever infographic detailing ten signs that you should really cut back on your social media intake, buddy.

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  10. Tech

    How Does the U.S. Compare to Other Countries? Not Too Well, According to Some Metrics

    The USA may still lead the world in GDP and rank highly in such stats as population and human development index, but its lag in other key categories is alarming. You've heard about the education gap, but did you know that U.S. students' math scores are among the lowest in the developed world? Charles M. Blow and the New York Times put together this infographic comparing the U.S. to other countries by 9 key metrics: The U.S. comes in at "worst of the worst" in four categories and "worst" in two more, with zero "best" rankings

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  11. Weird

    Cocktail Recipes Explained in Infographic Form

    Infographics! The kids love 'em. And these here are actually useful. Recipes can be hard to visualize, so designer Fabio Rex has created a set of infographic guides to the composition of proper cocktails. (A warning to Americans: 1 cl is equal to about 1/3 of an ounce.)

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  12. Tech

    How Much Has the Price of Data Storage Fallen This Decade? [Infographic]

    Rackspace has posted this amazing look back at how we carried around our data over the past ten years, starting from the humble 8mb USB drive and ending at the 3TB portable drive. Along the way it notes some milestones in the digital data revolution, like the introduction of the iPod, the end of the floppy disk, and the birth of cloud storage. Along the way, they keep a running tally of digital storage per gigabyte. It starts in 2001, at about $19.73/gb, and ends in 2010 at a mere $0.06/gb. It's an amazing walk down memory lane for some of us, and a reminder that storage has been such a driving force behind the digital lives we live. Click through the jump for the whole image.

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  13. Tech

    Web Designers Vs. Web Developers

    Missing from the Venn diagram: both are afraid of sunlight since it's a lot harder to see monitors and screens in the sun.

    Fully sized after the jump:

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  14. Entertainment

    The Evolution of the Geek [Infographic]

    Flowtown has lovingly documented the evolution of the geek, from chicken-decapitating circus performer to '50s tech lover to D&D, comics, Star Wars, and beyond.

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  15. Tech

    How Popular Is the iPhone? [Infographic]

    Someone once observed that infographics have become the Auto-Tune of the design world; that said, when there's dense, graph-heavy information to be conveyed, there's nothing like a well-done infographic to get the point across. This infographic by BillShrink digs up some good data to address the question "How Popular is the iPhone?" In condensed terms, the answer it gives: Not popular in absolute terms (neither are smartphones, of course), but dominant in particular areas like app sales, and it commands a ton of loyalty from its fans. Hit the jump for full sized view.

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