1. Weird

    Take Your Makeouts (And Also Your Nightmares) to The Next Level With This Kissing Practice Pillow

    Want to creep out your valentine and also imply that they're not a very good kisser in one fell swoop? Have we got the romantic homemade gift for you! All you need is some felt, a needle and thread, pillow stuffing, and a bunch of rubber removable mouths from discarded CPR dummys, and you'll be able to make your partner's dreams come true.

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  2. Science

    We Built That $10 Microscope, Here Are the Microscopic Photos to Prove It

    Last week we told you about an easy-to-build $10 stand that turns your smartphone into a microscope. We weren't happy just talking about, so we hit the hardware store and got to work building one of our very own. To prove it, here are a bunch of pictures of some very small things.

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  3. Weird

    What Would a Wooden Record Sound Like? Someone Found Out by Laser-Cutting a Few

    A few months ago we showed you Instructables Tech Editor Amanda Ghassaei's 3D-printed records. Ghassaei is at again, but this time she's favoring wood to 3D-printed plastic. Ghassaei has created records by laser-cutting pieces of maple wood. These wooden records sure look beautiful, but how do they sound?

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  4. Tech

    Put the Needle on the 3D Printed Record, But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

    The dawn of 3D printing was pretty good at making basic forms, and as the technology develops, the intricacies of the designs that can be 3D printed are fast improving, but not everything is ready to be 3D printed. Case in point, Instructables assistant tech editor Amanda Ghassaei has 3D printed some "vinyl" versions of her favorite songs. They work, but the sound quality is lacking. Not that Kurt Cobain's vocal track on "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was ever that clear to begin with.

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  5. Tech

    Power an Electric Candle With a Regular Candle Because You Can

    Just in time for the holidays, we've found an electric candle that is powered by a regular candle. Why would anyone want to power an electric candle with a regular candle? Why not just light the candle, or turn on the electric candle? Why make one rely on the other? Because it's awesome. That's why. The best part is that it's complete with instructions on how to make one yourself. We'll try not to burn down the office.

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  6. Weird

    Man Builds Full-Size Skeeball Machine Out of K’Nex

    For a number of people, K'Nex is that construction toy made up of plastic widgets and gears that they ignored during their childhood to instead focus on LEGO castles and the like. Instructables user Shadowman39 shows all of these good folks that perhaps they chose wrong with his full-size skeeball machine made out of those widgets and gears. It has everything one could ever want out of a skeeball machine, and is even coin-operated.

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  7. Tech

    Web App Lets You Remote Control A Real RC Tank From Your iPad

    Who doesn't want to drive a tank? Joe over at Instructables sure does, and that's why he went through the trouble of building his very own laser-wielding remote control tank and a web app to drive it around and have it shoot at things. Ultimately, the idea is for the project to culminate in a full-fledged game called TankWars where players drive their tanks around and fire things in meatspace. For the moment, the game is limited to single player target practice, but is impressive nonetheless.

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  8. Weird

    Forever Alone Pillow Knows When You’re Crying, Sings to Comfort You

    Sometimes, you just need a shoulder to cry on. In a cruel twist of fate, if you're the kind of person who needs a shoulder on which to cry on Valentine's Day, you're probably also the kind of person who doesn't have a shoulder to cry on today, aside from your own, but that can cause serious neck strain. Should you be in such a horrible predicament, the Sleepy Weepy Pillow was created with you in mind. Brainchild of mikeasaurus, the Sleepy Weepy Pillow knows when you're crying on it and will attempt to cheer you up with a song.

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  9. Weird

    Make a Spiral Cut Hot Dog

    I love hot dogs, but there is something fundamentally disgusting about seeing them spiral cut. Perhaps it's because when encased, hot dogs seem far less disgusting than when their weird mystery meat innards are exposed. That said, I have to give Instructables user dreamberry credit for not only developing the spiral cut technique for tube steaks, but for coming up with a double spiral cut method as well. Check it out, in its horrific glory, after the break.

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  10. Tech

    Papercraft Glasses Have Manually Operated Papercraft Irises

    Back in the 3rd grade, I was given a pair of glasses to wear. My eye doctor was a mad scientist so he gave me some nice bifocals. That's right, bifocals, in third grade. Of course, I can't blame him for the double bridged frames that I picked out. Needless to say, I never actually wore them after the first day. If he had given me these awesome papercraft glasses though, it might have been a different story. Made by art.makes over at Instructables, these glasses --made entirely out of paper-- not only make you look like Arthur, but also have papercraft irises that you an open and shut for, well, for fun.

    With just a little paper, a mailing tube, some string, a hole punch, a little bit of glue, an xacto knife, paper and cardstock, and about 3-6 hours of spare time, you can build your very own pair by following the step-by-step guide on Instructables, if you're into that sort of thing. Then, when you're done, maybe you can try to sell them to Lady Gaga or something. Seems like an accessory she might be into. Maybe if you made them out of meat...

    Video of these spectacular spectacles in action after the jump.

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  11. Tech

    Roomba Tweets And Takes Orders Via Internet

    So you got yourself a roomba, gave it a name and slapped some googly eyes on top. What's next? matchlighter, from instructables, figured the next logical step is to let the little guy/gal/thing tweet whatever he/she/it is doing at the moment. Through a bunch of magic that you can check out in detail on the instructable page, matchlighter managed to allow his roomba to be remote controlled over the Internet as well as tweet when it is picked up, returns to dock, avoids a ledge and a few other scenarios. For now, the roomba's vocabulary is pretty sparse, but after a few updates maybe it'll be able to tell us when it's ferrying kittens or engaged in a fight to the death, but I'm pretty sure it'll keep all the robot uprising stuff to itself. Check out what it's up to on its twitter. (via Hack a day)

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  12. Science

    This Is an Actual Eggshell, Carved to Its Bare Minimum

    Instructables member bbstudio set out to carve an eggshell as much as possible while still retaining the shape and the image of the egg; this was the result. "Yes, it is a real goose egg shell. I use a high speed engraving tool called a paragraver and a very light touch. I hold them in my hand while I carve them ... There is no resin involved. As a matter of fact, this egg is still not treated with anything." (Instructables via MAKE)

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  13. Weird

    The Incomparable Beauty of Bacon Roses

    You, like millions of humans, probably woke up this morning bereft of edible roses made of bacon. You may not have even realized the bacon rose-shaped hole in your life, until this moment. Thanks to kaptaink_cg at Instructables, now you can finally partake of these beautiful bacon trifles. Making these beautiful pork flowers seems surprisingly easy, requiring only minor modification of a muffin tin, and some cheap plastic flower stems. The simplicity of the instructions is almost poetic, when compared to the complex beauty of (bacon) roses. (Instructables via BuzzFeed)

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  14. Gaming

    NES Modded to Fit Inside NES Cartridge

    Anyone who has ever opened up an old NES cartridge knows that many of them were mostly empty, with the little board only taking up a small portion of the inside. Well, what better to take up all of that empty space than an entire, working Nintendo Entertainment System? Instructables user danny32412 achieved the above accomplishment by obtaining a Nintendo on a Chip (NOAC) board--which is usually a Famicom packed into a controller with an added game slot--disassembling it, then converting it to work with standard NES games and controllers. He ended up building a custom controller interface board so he could map the NES controller's buttons to the corresponding pads on the NOAC board, attached a 72-pin NES cartridge slot (as the NOAC came with a 60-pin slot), and added two controller ports and a power switch to finish it off. He gets extra points for testing it out with one of the best NES games ever made, Super Mario Bros. 3. Head on past the break to see a video of the modded NES in action.

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  15. Tech

    Child’s Toy to Enigma Machine in Six Steps

    How many times have you been sitting around your house, wishing you could send messages coded in the same manner as the Nazis circa 1940? Well now with a little bit of elbow grease, you too can own your very own Enigma machine! Please imagine the above as a late-night Sci-Fi Channel infomercial. Instructables user sketchsk3tch was one such man in need of an Enigma machine, but didn't want to commit the considerable cash required to get a real one. While browsing a thrift shop he noticed a child's toy with a full keyboard and thought to himself, like anyone would, that it would make a great Nazi code machine. Because why not? Having made his dream a reality, he's shared his work online. In just six easy steps, he walks you through everything you need to know to start coding and decoding. During the Second World War, Nazi Germany relied on the ingenious Enigma code machines to keep their communications secret. Great effort was expended by the Allies in breaking this code, which in turn spurred the development of computers, made Alan Turing a legend,  and helped establish cryptography as a key aspect of military intelligence. If that's not reason enough to have one, or at least a facsimile of one, then I don't know what is. Or you can be lazy, and remember that there's an app for that. (Instructables via Hack A Day)

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