1. Gaming

    World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen Releases iOS App That Lets You Lose to Him at Any Age

    If you're going to lose a game of chess, it might as well be against the greatest player in the world right now (and arguably ever.) World Champion Magnus Carlsen just released a free iOS app that lets you play simulated versions of himself from age five up to his current age of 23.

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  2. Gaming

    Fall Out Boy To Release Their Own Flappy Bird Clone, Because That’s the World We Live in Now

    Missed out on the Flappy Bird craze? Do you also happen to be a scene kid stuck perpetually in the last decade? What must be your favorite pop punk band, Fall Out Boy, is here to solve all your problems with a soon-to-be-released game for the iOS and Android. Naturally, it's called Fall Out Bird.

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  3. Gaming

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Returns on iOS and Android with Missing “Palace Zone” Stage and Knuckles

    Want to relive your childhood in glorious modern graphical quality on your mobile device? Sonic the Hedgehog 2's remastered iOS and Android versions debuted today, and we all felt a little bit like it was 21 years ago (when the game debuted, because we're suddenly realizing we're old) all over again.

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  4. Gaming

    Papa Sangre II, an iOS Horror Game Based on Audio Alone, Released Today for Halloween

    You are dead. That's the simple setup for Papa Sangre, and it's an effective one. Your screen is completely black except for a few basic controls, and the narrator promises that he can guide you through your pitch black surroundings and get you back to the land of the living. Can you trust him? You don't really have much of a choice.

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  5. Tech

    Anki DRIVE Remote Control AI Race Cars Are on Sale Today and They Are Amazing

    Anki's vision of bringing video games into the real world using sophisticated AI is realized today with the release of Anki DRIVE. The adorable little cars are controlled by AI or remote control from your iOS device and are now available at Apple stores in a 2 car bundle for $199. Additional cars are $69.

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  6. Tech

    BlackBerry Messenger Is Available for iOS and Android, but You Have to Wait Your Turn

    It's a great day for BlackBerry users, as their beloved BBM proprietary messaging service has finally gone cross-platform. We tried to take the iOS and Android versions for a spin, but demand for accounts on the service is supposedly so high that there's a virtual line. Yeah, we were surprised, too.

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  7. Tech

    Here’s the Video of Yesterday’s Apple iPhone 5S Keynote, In Case You Missed It [Video]

    Yesterday was completely abuzz with news of the new iPhone 5S and 5C, but once again Apple chose not to actually live stream the event. Now they've finally got the video up so all the plebes who couldn't fit in that ridiculously tiny Town Hall room can see for ourselves what the fuzz is about.

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  8. Tech

    Snoop Lion’s App Offers $100 Weed Sticker, People Actually Buy It

    Microtransactions in games and other programs are nothing new, and neither are incredibly expensive ones. Snoop Lion's new app for iOS and Android, Snoopify, allows you to purchase different sticker packs to cover your photos in. And the packs are all making money for Snoop-- even the sticker that costs $100.

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  9. Gaming

    New Tetris Mobile Game Takes a Page From Pokemon, Looks Awesome

    It almost goes without saying now that the two most addictive things to come out of portable gaming are the brick-racking frenzy of Tetris, and the monster-collecting of Pokemon. So it seems odd that it's taken this long for a developer to mash these ideas up, but that's just what EA's done with recently announced game Tetris Monsters.

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  10. Gaming

    Usain Bolt Now Playable in Temple Run 2, So Fast He’s Probably Hard Mode

    Celebrity cameos in games are always fun to see -- remember Space Michael Jackson in Space Channel 5 Part 2, or Ricky Gervais performing standup in GTA IV? Well, there's another great example now: Superb sprinter and Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt is now an unlockable character in everyone's favorite running game, Temple Run 2.

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  11. Gaming

    Holy Smokes, Firefly Online Teased at SDCC

    Browncoats rejoice: Fox is bringing Firefly back. But not, you know, as a Netflix exclusive series or something like that. Nope, they've decided to release Firefly Online -- technically they're calling it a "multi-user social role playing game" rather than an MMO -- for mobile devices. No word if Joss Whedon is involved in any way, but anything that's actually official is kind of a welcome gift at this point. The bottom line to all this is that I want my digital Nathan Fillion, and I want him now.

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  12. Tech

    There’s Finally an IFTTT App Available for iPhone

    Man, being on the Internet is too much work -- it's such a hassle to keep track of different social media websites, calendars, photo uploading services, and all the other stuff out there that you need a login for. Luckily, there's if this then that (abbreviated to IFTTT) to connect up all your most-used sites to work in tandem with one another.  If you're an IFTTT user with an iPhone, then hold onto your butts -- your life is about to get a lot easier. Two years after first launching, IFTTT  finally has a mobile app for the iOS.

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  13. Tech

    Top Selling Games and Apps Free on App Store, Go Get Yours Now

    It could be celebration of the fifth anniversary of the App Store, or it could just be a beautiful mirage. Either way, you can download games like Infinity Blade II and Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP on Apple's App Store for the low, low price of absolutely nothing right now. If you're angling for some new digital entertainment to make your morning commute more tolerable you should probably jump on this deal today, and there's no telling when it may end, and the termination of the sale will likely be as unexpected and sudden as its origin.

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  14. Gaming

    Walking Dead: 400 Days Launch Trailer Brings the Zombies [Video]

    Let's face it -- we don't generally expect video game adaptations to live up to the works that inspired them. It's just not the way the world works, generally. So it was a happy surprise last year when Telltale Games released a take on the Walking Dead series that stands right up alongside the comics and AMC series that inspired it. Since then, players have been waiting with bated breath for the promised second season of the episodic title. To tide us over until then, Telltale and Skybound Entertainment have released new DLC that will bridge the gap between Seasons 1 and 2: 400 Days. And since you're getting new DLC, you're getting a trailer for it, because what's new content without a preview?

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  15. Tech

    There’s Definitely No Way for Snapchat’s New “Snapkidz” Feature to Go Totally Wrong

    As we all likely know, Snapchat is a phone app that allows you to send self-destructing picture messages to your friends. Naturally this means that it's literally full of naked pictures, so your bratty little smartphone-wielding 8-year-old with hasn't been able to join in the fun. Well, not anymore -- now there's a feature in iOS that allows children under the age of 13 to use a protected form of the app called "Snapkidz," so your kid can take stupid pictures to their heart's content! Not that they can then send them anywhere, though.

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