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    This iPad Map Guides You Through Ankh-Morpork, Where Else Do You Want to Go?

    There's an app for everything, right? Well, not yet, but maybe soon. For example, Random House has created an app for the iPad that lets you explore, in great detail, the entire city of Ankh-Morpork, the famous fictional metropolis of the Discworld series. So what's the deal? And what does it mean?

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    Different iPad Apps as Seen by the Smudges They Make

    A used computer keyboard tells a story: Look at the keys and you can see if its user is a gamer by the worn WASD, an Excel monkey by the wear on the number keys, a QWOP jock by the Q, W, O, and P keys being ground to dust. But when it comes to iPads, all you've got is a touchscreen to look at. That didn't stop Design Observer's George Kokkinidis from running a clever little experiment/art project that attempts to portray what usage for different iPad apps looks like.

    My method involved cleaning the iPad’s surface with a microfiber cloth, using an app for a short amount of time, then turning the screen off. Next, I photographed the iPad, positioning a light source and some black matte board to limit distracting reflections. I then brought the photographs into Adobe Illustrator, and created vectors of the iPad and the fingerprints to emphasize the data.

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    Wanna Apply to Make iPad Apps? Now You Can.

    Apple has begun accepting applications from developers enrolled in the iPhone/iPad development program to make apps for the forthcoming iPad, per an email they just sent out this afternoon.

    To have a chance at getting your app approved before the iPad ships on April 3rd, you'll need to submit it online by Saturday, March 27th, at 5pm PDT; must also be OK with signing a 10-page NDA and working in a totally black-out room.

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