1. Entertainment

    Netflix “Just For Kids” Hits iPad, Finally Frees Up the TV From Their Small Grubby Hands

    For anyone that has children, Netflix's "Just for Kids" portal can truly be like a gift from above. The treasure trove of kid-friendly shows available dwarfs just about any other offering. This portal, unfortunately, has been mostly confined to the television via consoles or the web. There was no good way to have them watch their shows without occupying at least one major screen -- and therefore the entire room with the screen -- in the process. That time has come to an end; Netflix has finally launched "Just for Kids" on the iPad.

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  2. Tech

    New iPad App Is Next Best Thing To Touching Einstein’s Brain, Unfortunately Costs Ten Dollars

    Who among us hasn't wanted to poke Einstein's brain at some point? It's every nerdy kid's dream, as well as a really good way to get kicked out of some pretty classy archives. Thanks to a new app from the National Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago, anyone with an iPad and some kind of morbid inclinations can gawk at the brain that changed modern phsyics -- and in HD, no less! The catch? It's going to run you a couple of shekels to do so.

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  3. Tech

    Some of the Stuff Apple Fanatics Say is Unbelievable… [Video]

    I'm going to say up front: I'm a bit of an Apple fanboy. I've never owned a non-Apple computer or smartphone. While I am a fan of Apple's products, I totally understand people are who get angry about their holier-than-thou fan club. The cult of Jobs is real people having a conversation with one of company's supporter can sometimes feel like a debate with a brick wall... or a Scientologist.

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  4. Tech

    Pay Raise for Chinese Workers May Raise Prices on Tech Products

    Workers in in the Chinese city of Shenzhen are due for a pay raise next year that could mean higher price on technology products across the board for the rest of us. Located in China's Guangdong province, Shenzhen is home to factories that supply parts for some of the world's biggest technology names, including Microsoft, HP, and Apple. Low labor prices in Shenzhen -- and in China more generally -- are largely responsible for keeping prices on consumer tech low. As those labor prices rise, you can expect the price of your next laptop, tablet, or cell phone to rise with them.

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  5. Tech

    Apple v. Samsung: Jury Rules Samsung Owes $1.049 Billion

    The jury of the Apple v. Samsung copyright trial has made their decision, and it was a bloodbath. After a surprisingly short deliberation period yesterday, the nine-member jury ruled that Samsung had infringed on every one of Apple's patents on nearly every device in question. Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple a whopping $1.049 billion for basing many of their phones off the iPhone's design as well as copying many of Apple's core features for touch-based designs.

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  6. Tech

    Walking iPad Robots Now Available for Pre-order

    This may very well be the next big thing in remote-conferencing. A small startup located in Mountain View, CA by the name of Double Robotics is looking to revolutionize the way we communicate in today's world, by strapping an iPad to a Segway. The invention, simply called "Double," is now available for pre-order and will be shipping in early 2013. So what exactly does it do? Basically, it serves as a body double for teleconferences, allowing users to move around in a room, interact with different individuals, and connect with work, manufacturing, or school environments in a new way. So, a CEO can sit in his office in Manhattan and breathe down his branch managers' necks in San Francisco. Find out more and see a video of Double in action after the jump.

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  7. Tech

    Report: Apple to Hold iPhone 5, iPad Mini Event on September 12, Release on September 21

    Apple blog iMore is reporting that Apple will be holding an event on September 12 of this year to announce the iPhone 5iPad Mini, and a new iPod Nano. They're also reporting that the iPhone 5 will be released on September 21, only nine days after the September 12 reveal, though they're unsure of when the iPad Mini and new iPod Nano will be released.

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  8. Tech

    Report: Amazon to Launch “Five or Six” New Kindles

    There is no doubt in anyone's mind that after the stupendously successful launch of the Kindle Fire last year -- and the amazing surge in tablet use that followed -- that Amazon will be trotting out new hardware soon. In fact, some reporters have even touched prototype devices. However, the number of new devices has just doubled from previous reports. This could be a big year for Amazon.

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  9. Tech

    U.K. Judge Orders Apple to Publish Statement Saying Samsung Didn’t Rip Them Off

    The patent war between Apple and Samsung was already weird enough, with each company attempting to block the sale of the other's tablets in courts around the world. Now, a U.K. judge is requiring that Apple place a notice on their website and in several newspapers stating that Samsung did not copy the iPad. Will this public embarrassment be enough to end the war?

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  10. Tech

    Imagine a World Where This 2004 iPad Mockup Was Real

    Apple's iPad tablet was instantly iconic when it was unveiled in 2010, but it apparently has a very long history. Recent court documents related to the company's ongoing patent war with Samsung have revealed a mockup of a hypothetical tablet, giving us an idea of what Apple was thinking all those days ago. See more, after the break.

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  11. Tech

    Is Apple Readying a Smaller iPad or Are We Just Pawns in a Larger Game?

    Since WWDC 2012, all Apple fans have been able to talk about is the possibility of a new mobile device from the company. The device is popularly believed to be a smaller, seven-inch version of the iPad designed to do battle with Google's Nexus 7 and a forthcoming Amazon Kindle Fire refresh. Do we really have new hardware in our future, or is there something larger at work here?

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  12. Tech

    U.K. Judge: Galaxy Tab Doesn’t Violate iPad Design Because It’s “Not As Cool”

    The Samsung Galaxy tab, under serious patent-assault from Apple, just dodged a bullet when a U.K. judge ruled that the Android tablet does not infringe on Apple's characteristic iPad design. The downside? Well, it's only because the judge decided the Samsung Galaxy Tab just isn't "as cool" as its competitor. Winning is still winning, but winning like that must not be very much fun.

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  13. Tech

    Apple Forks Over $60 Million for “iPad” Name in China

    This might surprise you, but back in 1998, you could buy an iPAD in China. The iPAD, an all-in-one computer design from Chinese company Proview, was more of an iMac rip-off than anything, but the company has held onto the name and successfully blocked the sale of the iPad tablet in China. Now, Apple has paid out a reported $60 million for the name.

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  14. Tech

    iPad Prototype had Double Dock Connectors, Sold for $10,200 Yesterday

    Apple is famously secretive about their prototype products, but every now and again one somehow manages to slip through the company's grasp. The most recent stray was an early prototype of the original iPad, built somewhere between 2009 and 2010, that showed up on eBay. The prototype is interesting not only from a collector's standpoint, but because it features a capability that never made release: Dual docking ports.

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  15. Tech

    Cisco Discontinues Cius Tablet, Nobody Surprised

    Announced in 2010, the Cius tablet from Cisco was meant to be a rival to Apple's iPad. It wasn't meant to replace the iPad on a personal level but on the level of corporations and enterprises. The thing was designed to suit every need that any person in business attire might have at a given time. Or business casual. Apparently, however, most of these people had already been swayed to the dulcet tones of Apple because the Cius didn't do so hot.

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