1. Weird

    Nessie Lives! Loch Ness “Monster” Pictures Taken By Apple Maps

    Exciting news for "Nessie" enthusiasts: the plesiosaur (be she myth or be she monster) apparently lives! "Credible" images of the elusive beast have been taken for the first time in a year and a half, but you might need to be a Mac fan to find her.

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  2. Tech

    Get Your First Glimpse at What the Bigger iPhone Screens Will Probably Look Like

    Everybody and their grandmother complained that the iPhone's screen didn't get any bigger between the 5 and 5s when the latter was released. Well, you can all hakuna your collective matatas, friends. If these photos are any indication, your wish will soon be granted.

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  3. Gaming

    Five Bookish iPhone Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

    I play a lot of iPhone games. Sometimes, too many. I’m frequently kept up at night, filled with turmoil and wrestling with what game I should delete to make room on my iPhone for important things and… OMG. There’s a new Final Fantasy game out?! It takes up 1.2GB of space? WHAT DO I DO?!

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  4. Tech

    Samsung Doubles Down on Apple Attack Ads by Mocking the iPad Air “Pencil Commercial”

    Samsung released a second attack ad on Apple today, this time mocking their memorable "Pencil Commercial" for the iPad Air. Like the Note 3 vs. iPhone 5S commercial we saw earlier, this one is all about size. This time they're comparing the thinness of the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 to the iPad Air. Samsung seems really, Really focused on size lately.

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  5. Gaming

    Phones With Flappy Bird Installed On Them Are Selling For Thousands of Dollars

    Want to experience the magic and/or monotonous frustration that is Flappy Bird? Well, too bad. The creator of the game recently took the app down from both the iTunes store and Google Play, so if you don't already have it downloaded on your phone, you're out of luck. Unless, of course, you would like to buy a new one off of eBay for a couple grand.

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  6. Tech

    Apple Has Heard Your Cries, Bigger iPhones Are on the Way!

    The iPhone 5S had a lot of great features and impressive specs... that screen, though. Four inches is wimpy compared to Apple's competitors, but while the competition grew, it seemed Apple was in no rush to follow suit—until now. They're reportedly getting ready to drop two newer, larger iPhones.

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  7. Tech

    Siri Gets Ornery When You Ask Her About… Well, Her

    It's hard to remember that Siri isn't a conscious entity who lives in your phone, and the recent release of Spike Jonze's Her is going to make that much tougher for a lot of iPhone users. Since when has not being real kept anybody from getting pissed off about an unfair film representation, though? It hasn't stopped Siri, that's for sure.

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  8. Tech

    Geek Etiquette: Is the Kid in That Apple Christmas Commercial Being Rude?

    We're pushing out our Geek Etiquette post a few days early this week because it ties in nicely with Apple's latest ad depicting a teenager seemingly putzing around on his phone during a family holiday, only to reveal he's been cutting a cute little movie together. We ask: Movie or no, is that kid being rude to his family?

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  9. Space

    Moon Express Unveils “iPhone of Space,” Which Is a Lunar Lander, Because Sure, That Makes Sense

    Hey, so you know that thing you carry around that's about the size of a coffee table, runs on solar power, and carries your scientific equipment? Yeah, you know, your iPhone. Wait, it doesn't do any of that? Well that's surprising, because that pretty accurately describes Moon Express's lunar lander, and they've dubbed it the "iPhone of Space."

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  10. Gaming

    Tiny Death Star Is the Cutest Star Wars Themed Phone Game Ever

    We've been anxiously awaiting the release of the new Tiny Tower/Star Wars crossover for months now, and finally it was released in the American iTunes store yesterday -- for free! Naturally, we have some thoughts.

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  11. Gaming

    Papa Sangre II, an iOS Horror Game Based on Audio Alone, Released Today for Halloween

    You are dead. That's the simple setup for Papa Sangre, and it's an effective one. Your screen is completely black except for a few basic controls, and the narrator promises that he can guide you through your pitch black surroundings and get you back to the land of the living. Can you trust him? You don't really have much of a choice.

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  12. Tech

    iPhone 5s Taking Cues from Microsoft With “Blue Screen of Death” Problems

    In a cruel twist of fate, Apple's newest darling, the iPhone 5s, seems to have come down with a plague thought to only exist on PC platforms — the "Blue Screen of Death." That's right, 5s users have been treated to unexplained and frustrating freezes and forced reboots.

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  13. Tech

    Siri’s Original Voice Actress Has Been Discovered

    Apple has never officially come forward with the name of the person who provided the voice that now comes standard with any iPhone 5, but now we're all pretty sure we know exactly who it is -- Susan Bennett, an actress living in Georgia.

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  14. Tech

    You Can Register Your iPhone 5S to Recognize Your Cat’s Paw Print [Video]

    TechCrunch has already answered the burning question we didn't even think to ask.

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  15. Tech

    The iOS 7 Comes Out Today, So Here’s What You Can Expect To Change

    Good news for iPhone lovers, which we know a lot of you are -- iOS7 is supposed to be dropping today. Here's what you should do to prepare yourself for download, and some of the stuff you'll be able to do once you've got it on your phone.

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