1. Gaming

    Adorable: Sisters Play Real-Life Angry Birds

    Photographer Jason Lee has raised the bar on real-life depictions of Angry Birds, even adorable ones, with this photo of his kids. He explains the making-of to My Modern Met:

    The girls have been playing their own version with stuffed animals and stacking up various objects, so I thought, hmmm, this would be a fun picture. I really wish I had a big enough slingshot, but I had to improvise. The setup was pretty straight forward, but the most difficult part was getting the younger daughter up in the air. I had to settle for this tried and true method, which is kinda embarrassing to say the least.
    (My Modern Met via UFUNK)

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  2. Tech

    Keyboard Shortcuts IRL


    (Anneson Souza via UFUNK)

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  3. Gaming

    10 Awesome Real-Life Video Game Parodies

    There's something about gaming mechanics that inspires the stickler and the parodist in us all, which is why real-life video game parodies so tickle our fancy and the fancy of gamers. Maybe it's because -- for older games, anyway -- we know they can be silly, but want to believe in them and the worlds they represent? (see: Super Mario; Donkey Kong; classic RPGs.) Maybe it's because we need to reassure ourselves that, for all the time we play them, they're not actually real? (See: Grand Theft Auto; WoW; The Sims.)

    After the jump ten of our favorite real-life parodies of video games:

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