1. Space

    Watch SpaceX’s Dragon Cargo Ship Rendezvous With The ISS Early Sunday Morning

    Robotnaut may have left the Earth Friday, but fear not, mortals; the beings in the sky have heard your pleas. On the morning of Easter Sunday, after three days in space, your Robo-lord and savior shall rise again! You know, when SpaceX's cargo ship connects to the ISS, delivering Robonaut's legs, among other things. Why, what did you think I meant?

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  2. Space

    NASA Will Send Robonaut’s Doc Ock Legs to the ISS Today With SpaceX, and You Can Watch With Us

    NASA's Robonaut 2 has been patiently awaiting the arrival of his robotic Doc Ock legs as he sits completely immobile on a support post. Today, his lower half is launching to the ISS aboard the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft at 4:58PM ET, and then he'll be able to move freely about the space station and free up human astronauts for more complex tasks.

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  3. Space

    Astronauts To Test Super-Sensitive “Touchy-Feely” Joystick In Space, Probably Not A Euphemism

    After making a whole lot of NASA-related dick jokes last weekend, I'm going to avoid the easy punchline here and just stick to facts. This summer, astronauts on the International Space Station will test a wearable joystick that might one day allow them to control robots on other words from orbit. Also, you strap the joystick to your waist. Because.

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  4. Space

    Watch Live as The New Crew of Expedition 39 Launches to the International Space Station at 4:15PM EDT

    The new crew of the ISS Expedition 39 will launch to the space station today, and you can watch it right here with live coverage beginning at 4:14PM EDT. New Flight Engineers Alexander Skvortsov, Steve Swanson, and Oleg Artemyev will launch today on the Soyuz TMA-12M.

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  5. Space

    Space Farts Could Be Silent But Deadly Astronaut Killers

    Given the recent resurgence of interest in the cosmos, it's natural for us Earthlings to worry about the safety of the men and women bravely exploring the final frontier. But are we concerned enough about space farts? The risks posed by flatulence in a confined area are more than just hot air.

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  6. Space

    Want to Watch ISS Astronauts Live in Space? Then Watch the Appropriately Titled Live From Space Tonight

    Right now, there are highly-trained astronauts whizzing around 240 miles above us eating freeze-dried food out of packets and just being cooler than us. Tonight on the Nat Geo Channel, we'll be able to see just how much cooler they are first-hand with their unprecedented 2-hour Live from Space special.

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  7. Space

    ISS Astronauts Will Be Returning To Earth in the Soyuz Shuttle Tonight, Check Back Here For a Livestream

    After more than five months in orbit aboard the International Space Station, two Russian cosmonauts and one American astronaut will return to Earth via the Soyuz shuttle -- and you'll be able to watch the landing yourself if you check back here around 11:24 EDT. In the meantime, check out the NASA public livestream to learn more about the landing.

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  8. Space

    NASA Just Announced New Crew For ISS, But Where Are My Ladies At?

    In a press release today NASA announced the crews for Expedition 47 and 48 to the International Space Station, and sadly I didn't make the cut. (Like my letter from Hogwarts, it's probably still in the mail.) Unfortunately, not only am I not visiting the final frontier in 2016, it seems that neither are any other ladies. Spaceballs!

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  9. Space

    Astronauts Tell Olympians How To Do The Whole “Work Out” Thing

    Astronauts on the ISS recently had a NASA-sponsored Google Hangout with US Olympic athletes to remind the People of Earth that, sure, being a world-class athlete back on terra firma is fine, but have you tried working out in space?

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  10. Space

    Peas Grown on the ISS Have Been Deemed Safely Edible, Space Peas Are Now a Real Food

    When the Earth is engulfed by the sun, or when we need to escape the robot apocalypse, or when we can't stop the zombie plague, or just when we want to colonize Mars, we're going to need food to sustain us on long space trips. That's why Russian cosmonauts have been growing vegetables in space to see if they're as edible as regular vegetables.

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  11. Space

    NASA Releases Incredible Instagram Video of a Sarychev Volcano Eruption

    Oh this? This is just part of the Earth exploding in a violent volcanic eruption. No big deal. NASA just released this incredible video on their NASA Goddard Instagram account showing the 2009 eruption of the Sarychev Volcano shot from the International Space Station.

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  12. Space

    Watch NASA Launch Their TDRS Satellite Into Orbit for Space Mission Communications at 9:05PM EST

    NASA's TDRS satellites make up their space network (skynet?), which keeps all of NASA's missions and important things like the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station constantly in contact with all of the data they need to make space happen. You can watch them launch one right here at 9:05PM EST.

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  13. Science

    “Supercritical Water” That Can Start Fires Is Being Tested on the International Space Station

    Water puts out fire, right? Well if you put it under enough heat and pressure water goes all Super Saiyan and becomes "supercritical water." Water's ultimate form is capable of burning material it comes in contact with, and could prove useful for closed-system poop management in places like the ISS where it's being tested.

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  14. Space

    Storytime: Iiiiiin Spaaaaace! Astronauts Will Read Books to Children From the International Space Station

    The children of Earth will soon get their bedtime story from an unexpected place--the International Space Station. Growns up can watch though too, right? Please tell us we can watch this too.

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  15. Space

    Japan’s “Spiral Top” Is Making Crazy Art in Space Right Now

    Right now on the International Space Station there is a machine that makes crazy light spirals like the one pictured above.

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