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    The Newest Version of Android Dislikes The Holidays, Doesn’t Include December

    The end of the year can a be a very lonely time for a smartphone. When the holidays roll around, people tend to get together with their families and speak to each other in person, so the phones just sit there in their owners' pockets or on a table somewhere. Well, after years of abuse, Android-based phones have decided they aren't going to take it anymore. As a sign of protest, (or because of unforeseen bug) Android Jelly Bean 4.2 skips the month of December, 2012 in certain apps.

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    Google Includes Barrel Roll Functionality with Jelly Bean

    We all know Google's Barrel Roll easter egg, right? Wait, you don't? Google "Do a barrel roll." Just do it, okay? We'll wait. Back? Great! Exciting, right? With Android Jelly Bean, you can now do a barrel roll nowhere near a computer or even an N64!

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    Flash Not Coming To Android Jelly Bean, Slowly Bleeding Out in the Shadows

    Flash, specifcally mobile Flash, was effectively sentenced to death a while back. The first inklings came when Abode put out their own non-Flash media tool "Edge," and then was confirmed when the company dropped 750 employees and halted all development of mobile versions of Flash, ostensibly forever. It's not until now, however, that we're seeing Flash really start to crumble. Android, once open to the protocol, will no longer be supporting Adobe Flash with its newest version, Jelly Bean.

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