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  1. Tech

    How Does New Jersey Clear Snow from Train Tracks? With a Jet Engine, of Course

    There was a bit of weather overnight in the Northeast that resulted in some significant snowfall in a lot of places. One of those places was New Jersey, and the state's Transit Authority tweeted two photos of how they're handling the snow. They're handling it with jet engines. Right on, New Jersey.

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    9 Things We’d Like to See Powered by the World’s Most Powerful Jet Engine

    The GE90-115B is the world's most powerful jet engine. If it's powerful enough be the driving force behind Boeing's 777 aircraft, then just imagine all the other things it could power. GE's said that their engine would turn the Titanic into a speedboat, and we say go for it! Make a Titanic speedboat. The sheer might of the GE90 has us dreaming of a better, faster, and more powerful world filled with things driven by jet power. Why limit that power to planes? We've compiled a list of 9 things we'd like to see upgraded with the GE90-115B jet engine.

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    7 Things We Would Like to See Thrown Through a Jet Engine

    Planes, and their engines, go through a ton of testing prior to ever actually being in the air. How else do you figure out if, for example, it can withstand a barrage of a dozen or so geese slamming into it at high speed? Even so, jet engines are typically only tested for a specific set of conditions that it might encounter out in the wild. These are extreme, sure, but we can't help but wish they'd get a little more, shall we say, creative in their endeavors. That's why we've compiled a list of things we'd really like to be sent through a jet engine. For science, of course.

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  4. Entertainment

    How Last Night’s Daytona 500 Was Delayed by Burning Jet Fuel

    Things have been a bit crazy with the Daytona 500 this year. First rains delayed the race a day, and then last night driverĀ Juan Pablo Montoya slammed into a jet dryer triggering an enormous fire which delayed the race for several hours. Now, if you're like me you probably had never heard of a jet dryer was until last night. Well, wonder no more friends.

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  5. Tech

    Water Bazooka Powered by Jet Engine

    China's Luoyang City fire department spent $456,000 on what is essentially a water bazooka, presumably in order to destroy buildings that are on fire, no doubt a roundabout way to extinguish a fire. After all, no more building technically means no more building on fire. The crazy thing was built using a fighter jet engine, and can shoot four tons of water per minute over 400 feet, while being able to rotate almost 360 degrees. Kind of makes your Super Soaker look a little weak.

    (via Geeks Are Sexy)

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