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  1. Entertainment

    Unicycling Bagpiping Darth Vader Finally Has His Day On National Television Thanks To Jimmy Kimmel [Video]

    Yes, the mysterious Portland stranger whom we all know and love for his kilt, his flaming bagpipe, and his unicycle, has finally been unmasked for all the world to see-- and by Jimmy Kimmel, no less! Anyway, his real name is Brian Kidd, and -- oh. Oh, boy. He's kind of cute? This is not what we were expecting at all.

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  2. Entertainment

    Watch Folks Tell Children That They’ve Eaten All Their Halloween Candy [Video]

    Some might say that tricking kids into believing that you've eaten all their Halloween candy is a cruel joke. They might very well be right, but that hasn't stopped Jimmy Kimmel from requesting videos of folks doing exactly yet. Though this is the second time he's performed this kind of segment, there's a surprise twist with the last few kids that makes it even better than the original. Even if the ending doesn't tug on your heartstrings, the rest of the video includes some rather humorous reactions.

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  3. Tech

    Watch Folks Handle the iPhone 4S After They’ve Been Told It’s an iPhone 5

    Just in case you somehow managed to avoid all forms of communication yesterday, the first thing you should know is that Apple did in fact have an event yesterday, and, yes, they announced the iPhone 5. There's something akin to religious fervor that spreads as new gadgets get announced, especially from the former home of Steve Jobs. In fact, folks are so willing to believe that the iPhone 5 is obviously better than its predecessor, that when told they're going to be handed an iPhone 5, they're willing to completely ignore the fact that it's actually an iPhone 4S. Hit the jump for the video.

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  4. Weird

    Kid Plus Fake Lie Detector Equals Genius [Video]

    Jimmy Kimmel might still be best know for The Man Show but Jimmy Kimmel Live consistently produces amusing skits of a wide variety. Take, for example, his latest outing where Kimmel sits down with Blake, a boy of seven, and hooks him up to a fake lie detector. Hilarity ensues. He proves once and for all that kids really do say the darndest things.

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  5. Entertainment

    Jersey Shore Cast Parodies Twilight on Jimmy Kimmel Live, For Some Reason

    There's something odd about when the Jersey Shore cast parodies something. Take the Twilight video that aired last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live (found below), for example. They're not really making fun of Twilight at all, they're just making fun of themselves in the context of vampire teen drama. With Snooki as Bella, The Situation as Edward, and Pauly D as Jacob, this star-studded cast makes for a really, uh, interesting (?), adaptation of the teen blood-sucking sensation. While he barely does anything, the best vampire of the bunch is definitely Ronnie. Even though he physically looks just like how I imagine Fenrir Greyback, he gets the sinister fanged look perfectly.

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  6. Entertainment

    Nathan Fillion and Jimmy Kimmel Talk Lightsabers, the Impossibility of Coolness

    Earlier this week, Nathan Fillion -- a.k.a. Richard Castle, a.k.a. Captain Mal -- appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his show Castle, the season finale for which is airing on May 17th, and which made plenty of Fillion fans happy when it was recently renewed for a third season on ABC.

    As with all good talk show interviews, the 'promotion' part was but a dim light in the background: Mostly, the interview consisted of Nathan Fillion telling geeky anecdotes. When Jimmy Kimmel chided Fillion for being possibly the only adult male who mail-ordered an extremely realistic toy lightsaber online (yes, there is a story behind this) who actually knows and interacts with women, Fillion -- who is a known cool person -- replied with his thoughts on the impossibility of attaining coolness:

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  7. Entertainment

    Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Michael Emerson: LOST’s Ben Linus

    Last night, LOST fans had an embarrassment of riches to deal with: first, a new episode, "The Substitute," and later, a great Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview with Michael Emerson, a.k.a. LOST's charming, conflicted sociopath Ben Linus. Jimmy Kimmel seems like a bit of a LOST superfan himself: you may recall that two weeks ago, he cleverly spoofed the Season 6 premiere. (Though it's worth noting that both Jimmy Kimmel Live! and LOST fall under ABC's umbrella.) And his interview with Emerson/Linus bespoke more than the obligatory level of interviewer interest and preparation:

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