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  1. Entertainment

    Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch Performing a Spoken Word Rendition of R. Kelly’s “Genius” Because of Reasons

    So we hear on the Interwebs that a lot of people think Benedict Cumberbatch's voice is attractive. Well, we don't know about that, but he was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night along with R. Kelly and... oh. Oh. What was that about kissing our thighs? Well, then. Excuse us for a moment. We have some... emotions we've got to sort out.

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  2. Tech

    No Disrespect to Ben Affleck: The Best of Twitter’s Newest Kanye-Inspired Hashtag

    No doubt you've heard about Kanye West's recent explosion of angry tweets, in which he called Jimmy Kimmel out for parodying his recent BBC1 radio interview. While doing so, he created a hashtag that will live on through the ages. Or however long hashtags are supposed to last. Whichever.

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    Watch Harrison Ford Dodge Star Wars Questions and Confront Chewbacca on Kimmel

    It has to be hard when you're an actor trying to promote something, but all anyone wants to talk about is another project. When Harrison Ford appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, he took questions from the audience, but refused to talk about Star Wars Episode VII. He went on to answer a few questions before being confronted by an old friend.

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  4. Entertainment

    Jimmy Kimmel Teaches You How To Fake An Interest in March Madness

      March is a tough month for me because college basketball falls pretty much at the bottom of the list of things I'm interested in, but for weeks every year it's all anyone talks about. Although I've given up pretending to care about the NCAA tournamnet, others still put on a brave front. That's why Jimmy Kimmel made a video teaching us how to fake an interest in college basketball. Look like Dick Vitale* around your pals with these helpful hints.

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  5. Entertainment

    More Celebrities Reading Meaner Tweets Are Hurtful and Hilarious

    If there's one thing we like more than saying mean things about people more successful than us -- and we're not saying there is, because that is, like, a top five pastime around these parts -- it's watching celebrities debase themselves by reading mean things that other people have said about them on Twitter. Of course, it's not really celebrities debasing themselves, because the joke is really "Look how impotent the best attack you can muster on this person is! It is a joke that they will repeat themselves on national television, because who cares what you think @some_asshole_on_twitter?" Still and all, we do get a kick out of watching folks like Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet and Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston reading people's ill-conceived Internet slams on them in entertaining and only occasionally threatening fashion.

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  6. Entertainment

    Watch Folks Tell Children That They’ve Eaten All Their Halloween Candy [Video]

    Some might say that tricking kids into believing that you've eaten all their Halloween candy is a cruel joke. They might very well be right, but that hasn't stopped Jimmy Kimmel from requesting videos of folks doing exactly yet. Though this is the second time he's performed this kind of segment, there's a surprise twist with the last few kids that makes it even better than the original. Even if the ending doesn't tug on your heartstrings, the rest of the video includes some rather humorous reactions.

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  7. Entertainment

    Mean People Tweeting Mean Things to Famous People [Video]

    Here at Geekosystem, we love Jimmy Kimmel and anything he says about Twitter. Take a look at this video of celebrities reading mean things people have tweeted about them. You got your Larry King, your Zooey Deschanel, your David Spade, and even Justin Bieber! Think before you tweet, folks! It may be your obnoxious tweet on Jimmy Kimmel next.

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  8. Weird

    Kid Plus Fake Lie Detector Equals Genius [Video]

    Jimmy Kimmel might still be best know for The Man Show but Jimmy Kimmel Live consistently produces amusing skits of a wide variety. Take, for example, his latest outing where Kimmel sits down with Blake, a boy of seven, and hooks him up to a fake lie detector. Hilarity ensues. He proves once and for all that kids really do say the darndest things.

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  9. Entertainment

    Celebrities Hilariously Read Insulting Tweets Out Loud [Video]

    This digital age makes it painfully easy to connect with others. Social networking can help you stay in touch with your family across the globe, hunt down old friends, make new ones, and tweet really insulting things at celebrities. I don't know about you, but that last one is my favorite by far. In celebration of Twitter's 6th birthday, Jimmy Kimmel arranged for a few celebrities to come on TV and read a few offending tweets aloud. I'll leave you to watch how it unfolds on your own, but let's just say those tweets get de-fanged pretty easily.

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  10. Weird

    Today is National UnFriend Day

    Today is National UnFriend Day according to Jimmy Kimmel. So, instead of being productive at work, you should sift through your Facebook friends and remove whoever you aren't actually friends with. It's a friends list after all, not a dude-you-met-that-once list.

    For those curious, here's a five minute bit where Jimmy Kimmel further explains National UnFriend Day, says Mark Zukerberg doesn't have any friends and jokes Zuckerberg is trying to destroy friendship.

    Like Jimmy says, "in order to save friendship, we must unfriend."

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  11. Entertainment

    Charlie Bit My Finger: The Movie

    "Charlie bit my finger - again!" is the second-most watched YouTube movie of all time, with 194 million views as of this post. Wrap your head around that for a moment. (The number one, Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" music video, has 212 million.) In its honor, Jimmy Kimmel and guest Adrian Brody made a mock trailer for a horror movie about a deranged Brody, drunk on the power of biting people's fingers as a baby, going all too far as an adult.

    Check it out:

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  12. Entertainment

    Great Fake LOST Alternate Endings on Jimmy Kimmel One-Up the Haters

    Say what you will about the ending to LOST -- and yes! we will say many things about it in the morning -- but you can't fault the show for lacking awareness. One of my favorite lines in tonight's finale could have easily been cut without taking anything away from the plot, but seemed so necessary: Flocke's quip that it seemed rather "obvious" that Jacob would pick Jack. Meta! The three LOST alternate endings that debuted on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! extravaganza following the show further highlighted the self-awareness and good humor of the folks behind the show:

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  13. Entertainment

    Jimmy Kimmel Connects Four Million with Jacob and the Man in Black [LOST]

    Tonight's LOST was yet another doozie, ripping us away from the present-day drama with which the most recent episode ended to furnish us with some Jacob/Man in Black backstory (Expect a comprehensive episode recap tomorrow morning.) Jimmy Kimmel -- whose show follows LOST on ABC and who must really be digging his Most Favored Nation status -- spoofed the long, long rivalry between the two by presenting them with a delightful new pastime: Connect Four Million, which takes about as long to finish as ... explaining LOST to someone.

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  14. Entertainment

    Nathan Fillion and Jimmy Kimmel Talk Lightsabers, the Impossibility of Coolness

    Earlier this week, Nathan Fillion -- a.k.a. Richard Castle, a.k.a. Captain Mal -- appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his show Castle, the season finale for which is airing on May 17th, and which made plenty of Fillion fans happy when it was recently renewed for a third season on ABC.

    As with all good talk show interviews, the 'promotion' part was but a dim light in the background: Mostly, the interview consisted of Nathan Fillion telling geeky anecdotes. When Jimmy Kimmel chided Fillion for being possibly the only adult male who mail-ordered an extremely realistic toy lightsaber online (yes, there is a story behind this) who actually knows and interacts with women, Fillion -- who is a known cool person -- replied with his thoughts on the impossibility of attaining coolness:

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  15. Entertainment

    New Iron Man 2 Trailer Debuts on Jimmy Kimmel Live

    Jimmy Kimmel Live rode the Oscars' wave tonight and gave patient, insomniac geeks some well-deserved eye candy in the form of a brand new trailer for Iron Man 2. After sharing the suitably maverick story of how he corralled Mickey Rourke into playing the role of Whiplash in the movie, real-life Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr. debuted the trailer, which had some familiar footage from past Iron Man 2 sneak peeks, but rewards the faithful with suitcase armor, evil Sam Rockwell, and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Trailer after the jump:

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