1. Weird

    Woman Creates Resume in LEGO Form, Deserves to Be Given All the Jobs

    Everything about applying for jobs is not awesome, so Leah came up with a genius way to stand out from all the other minifigs and convince her dream agencies that she's "the missing piece." Master builders of the world, meet your competition!

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  2. Weird

    Want to Write for Geekosystem? Good News! We’re Hiring!

    Geekosystem is currently seeking smart, talented, and generally pleasant geeks for a three month full-time paid fellowship position in our New York City office. If you're interested, read this post and follow the instructions.

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  3. Entertainment

    Jason Statham is the Right Man for the Job, as Evidenced by This Supercut [Video]

    Jason Statham has played a lot of characters who have a lot of jobs. Seriously. Even their jobs have jobs, and those jobs each strap on a job helmet and squeeze down into a job cannon and fire off into job land, where jobs grow on little jobbies. Anyway, here's a supercut of Statham talking about all his jobs. Jobs!

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  4. Science

    We’re Looking for an Entry-Level Science Writer in New York’s Soho

    Geekosystem is looking for an ambitious, energetic science enthusiast and newshound to cover all aspects of science from synthesizing the driest of academic journals for the masses to finding the most ridiculous Youtube experiments. If that sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you.

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  5. Science

    Hate Your Job? New Gallup Survey Says So Does Almost Everyone Else

    I really love my job here at Geekosystem, but it turns out I'm in the minority. According to a Gallup survey only 30% of the 100 million Americans with a full-time job are "actively engaged" at the workplace. Half the workforce is "not engaged," and the remaining 20% are "actively disengaged," meaning they straight up hate their job and, "roam the halls spreading discontent."

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  6. Tech Launches Jobs Site, Please Commence Eye Rolling…Now

    Did you know that even attractive people occasionally have to work for a living? It's true! They're just like us normals that way! This sad but true fact has been grudgingly acknowledged by the gorgeous, vacantly staring minds* behind Now, they've started an employment site that is -- you guessed it -- only for beautiful people. Because shallowness and discrimination are their business, and business is good.

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  7. Entertainment

    Funny or Die Beat Everyone to the Steve Jobs Biopic Punch

    Sometimes it's better to be first than to be the best, and while that's far from the philosophy displayed by Apple during Steve Jobs' life, it seems to be the one comedy site Funny or Die took when churning out their Jobs biopic iSteve. It's available online right now, ahead of its competitors jOBS and Steve Jobs.

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  8. Weird

    The Cake is Not a Lie, It’s a Resignation Letter

    Most of us have probably quit jobs before. Sometimes the impulse to burn all bridges on your way out is too strong to ignore, but any career advice you're likely to get will tell you to leave in a polite, cordial way. What's more polite and cordial than handing in your resignation letter on a cake? Nothing.

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  9. Weird

    FireMe! Twitter Service Makes Getting Fired Way Easier

    Hate your job? Sure you do. There's no shame in it. We've all been there, and many of us, sadly, will stay there for some time. Always remember, though: There are plenty of perfectly appropriate places to voice your professional gripes. That's pretty much why offices even have bars near them, but new Twitter service FireMe! is an excellent reminder that "on Twitter" is not one of those places. The very existence of this service -- which automatically aggregates tweets from people who hate their jobs -- marks the beginning of the countdown to someone finding out they've been fired through a well-placed RT.

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  10. Tech

    Developer Outsources Own Job to China to Goof Off Online All Day, is Our Hero

    American companies outsource jobs to places like China because they can hire people to do the same jobs their employees do for less money. One developer's job was outsourced last year, but it wasn't by his company. He did it himself. Someone hired a company in China to do his job for him, and paid them a fraction of his salary. While his bosses thought he was working, he was just screwing around online. Is there a way to type out a slow clap? Because that's what I'm giving this guy. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

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  11. Science

    Science Proves Those Dumb Interview Questions We All Hate Were Stupid All Along

    You know those interview questions that always make you wonder "What does the shape of a manhole cover have to do with this position?" or "I guess I wouldn't move Mount Fuji, as it seems fine where it is and I feel that would be a waste of my time." Well, good news and bad news. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, these questions are pretty much as useless as they've always felt and tell an interviewer exactly nothing abuot how a person will actually perform at the job in question. The bad news? They're probably not going away any time soon.

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  12. Weird

    You’re Probably Not Qualified to Make Pizza For Apple

    Recently, we learned that it wasn't unusual for a prospective Apple employee to endure a grueling nine-month long interview process. Even after hiring, new employees are frequently put on fake projects in order to test their loyalty. Now, it seems, that Apple's exacting hiring standards extend to its kitchens, as demonstrated by a job posting for a Pizza Chef.

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  13. Tech

    1 in 6 Job Seekers Found Their Current Job on a Social Network

    A recent survey by Jobvite suggests that 16% of Americans (or about 1 in 6) who are looking for another job found their most recent one via social media. That amounts to somewhere around 22 million Americans who found their last job not only online (which isn't too suprising nowadays) but on an actual social networking site. You might immediately think "Oh, of course, that's what LinkedIn is for," but actually, the majority of these lucky job-finders attribute their employment to Myspace Facebook. 78% percent of them, in fact.

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  14. Weird

    “Run-Of-The-Mill Startup Seeks Mediocre Designer”

    This job posting tells it to us straight. Read on past the break for a text transcript of the posting.

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