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    Robocop’s New Suit Doesn’t Look Like Batman Anymore

    A couple of months ago, we were shocked and disturbed when images leaked from the set of the upcoming Robocop remake revealed that the cyborg hero's iconic look had been replaced by a black-plated suit strongly resembling Batman's costume in the Christopher Nolan trilogy. We're now happy to find that new concept art has surfaced, indicating that Robocop will, somewhere down the line, get some silver armor that looks more like the original than a generic "super-suit."

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    The New RoboCop Looks Like Batman Without the Cape and Pointy Ears

    Everybody loves Christopher Nolan's Batman movies, right? Ok, maybe not; but can we at least agree that everybody's seen them? Of course we can. It's with that idea in mind that we present you with photos of the armor from the upcoming reboot of RoboCop, which is currently filming in Toronto, and on track to hit theaters next summer. Supposedly the first shots of the new suit, the new movie trades in the rounded chrome plates of 80's RoboCop for a sleeker, black suit that... Wait a second: Didn't that suit come with a cape?

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    Hugh Laurie to Join Everyone in Hollywood and Their Dog in Upcoming Robocop Film

    Here's a few things you might not have known: First, there's going to be a new Robocop movie set to re-tell the origins of the part man, part machine, all cop crimefighter. Second, some pretty big name actors are already attached to the film. Now, it seems like British actor Hugh Laurie will be joining them as -- wait for it -- the villain.

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