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    Right in Our Wheelhouse: New British Citizenship Test Demands Knowledge of Monty Python

    The United Kingdom has updated it's citizenship test to better reflect a knowledge of the nation's history and culture, rather than practical skills in everyday life. Questions about whether you can use the Internet or know where you're water meter is, for example, have been replaced with trivia about everything from Margaret Thatcher and Stonehenge -- the U.K.'s two most famous rock formations --  to the work of British entertainers like The Beatles and Monty Python. We're really hoping that you can skip the whole exam in favor of doing a solo show of the entire Knights Who Say Ne bit, in which case we are soooooo in.

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    Jim Henson Retrospective: What Makes a Good Muppet Movie?

    This past weekend marks the twentieth anniversary of the death of Jim Henson, and there really aren't any words to describe the effect that his art has had on the lives of people all across the world. Sesame Street, the longest running children's show in history, is still teaching the ABCs; the Muppets are enjoying a resurgence on YouTube, a medium they were practically born for; and even Fraggle Rock is out on DVD and has its own comic series. Disney, after a six-year indecisive lull, is finally making good on the Muppets as a brand. A new Muppet movie, ambitiously titled The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever, is in the works, and I have high hopes for Jason Segel's writing. There are many ways I could give tribute to Mr. Henson, but I'm pretty sure that the video montages, nostalgic reminiscing, and philosophic treatises are already out there for the Googling.  So I am going to talk about the Muppet movies.  The good ones, and the not so good ones, and what differentiates them.  Here's hoping the next one is among the former!

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  3. Science

    John Cleese Explains the Brain

    In the video above, Monty Python alum John Cleese, clad in a white lab coat, tells you everything you could possibly want to know about the mysterious workings of the human brain, if only you could understand him.

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