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    This Tumblr of Developers Wearing Fedoras is the Best Thing to Come Out of GDC 2013

    We're in the final days of Game Developers Conference 2013, and as we look over the news that's coming out of the event, like this bizarre Metal Gear trailer, we are also reminded that the conference plays just as hard as it works. These people are gamers after all. So far our favorite thing to come out of GDC 2013 is a Tumblr showing developers sporting a branded fedora.

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    Man Beats Bejeweled 2

    Father, grandfather, bowler, softball player, stock car racer, and steel contractor Mike Leyde has beaten Bejeweled 2. Now, we know what you're saying. "Bejeweled 2 is the flagship product of PopCap Games, gurus of easy to learn, difficult to master. You can't beat Bejeweled any more than you can beat Tetris."

    Well, that's true. But you can, over a period of several years, amass a score so high that the game can no longer comprehend the magnitude of it: 2,147,483,647.

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