1. Gaming

    A Different Spin Merges Juggling and Super Mario Bros. [Video]

    Juggling, in general, is a feat worth celebrating. There's nothing quite like watching pins and whatever else they want to throw around being tossed through the air with ease. A Different Spin has one particular juggling act, however, that is heavily inspired by Super Mario Bros. -- and it shows. The group shows what it might be like if Bowser were actually a talented juggler and both Mario and Luigi were determined to mess him up. A cascade of familiar tunes permeates the skit, which includes a surprise appearance from Yoshi, and doesn't exactly end the way one might expect.

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  2. Weird

    Just Juggling Two Rubik’s Cubes While Solving a Third, Nothing Much [Video]

    David Calvo is something of a Rubik's Cube master. From solving two cubes simultaneously, one in each hand, to solving a cube blindfolded, he's done it all. Well, most of it. That being the case, it looks like he's started to work juggling into his repitoire, giving him the most impressively useless "other skills" section of any résumé in history. Of course, knowing the guy's background, it was probably harder for him to get a hang of the one-handed juggling than anything else, but it is still impossible not to be impressed. What's next? Who knows, but I am excited to find out.

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  3. Tech

    Meanwhile, Quadrocopters Have Learned How to Juggle in Teams

    You thought that the quadrocopters had relented in their fast-flying, statue-building, piano-playing ways? Think again. Now, they can play a Pong-like juggling game in teams. Be afraid. (via Engadget)

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  4. Tech

    Robots Can Juggle Now

    Yet another addition to the coming robot apocalypse, this robot juggles two ping-pong balls using a ping-pong paddle, machinery, fancy algorithms, and probably a little bit of witchcraft. Does anyone else sense the new villain for Paint the Line 3?

    (via Geekologie)

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