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    Jurassic Park Without CGI Is Still Surprisingly Great [Video]

    What would Jurassic Park look like if it was made pre-CGI and for a budget of less than thirty dollars? Pretty awesome/hilarious, if this video from Michael T. Mann is any indication. His creative remake is a reminder of what can be accomplished with cardboard, crayons, and a little Schwarzenegger. Seriously, that first dino reveal killed me.

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    But What If We Replaced Jurassic Park’s Velociraptors With Cats?

    Jurassic Park is a great movie, but it's not without its problems. One of those problems, of course, is a lack of cats. Don't worry, the Internet is here to fix that oversight, and now you can see just how terrifying it would be to get stalked by a giant cat. You'd better work on your hacking skills to get those door locks working.

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  3. Entertainment

    Jurassic Systems Is The Samuel L Jackson Roleplay Website You’ve Been Waiting For

    The hacking scene from Jurassic Park stands out surprisingly well in a movie full of other memorable things, like dinosaur poop and Jeff Goldblum. Now thanks to the delightful Jurassic Systems website, you can personally experience what it's like to get hacked by Dennis Nedry. Hold on to your butts, obviously.

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  4. Weird

    Here’s A Song Made From Jeff Goldblum’s Weird And Beautiful Laugh In Jurassic Park

    To mitigate your devastation over the fact that Jeff Goldblum won't be in the next Jurassic Park, we suggest you play “Hahahrawrrahaha" on repeat. It's a sweet jam made by FLIPSH0T using Goldblum's hilariously weird laugh from the original flick (here's a 10-hour loop, if you're interested). If you need me, I'll be over here, Goldbluming.

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  5. Entertainment

    Hold Onto Your Butts, More Jurassic Park Props on eBay

    People of Earth, on Monday we told you that childhood dreams were coming true and the raptor cage from Jurassic Park was available to the highest bidder on eBay. Obviously God is continuing to smile down on us, because the Jurassic Park RV is available now on eBay too, and it might even be kinda sorta affordable.

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    Spare No Expense With the Raptor Cage From Jurassic Park, Now on eBay for Over $99,900

    Hey, hey, hey! *Throws flare.* Yeah, I know you're not a T-Rex, but I thought that would be a good way to draw your attention to the fact that you can buy the velociraptor cage prop from Jurassic Park on eBay. Now you'll have a convenient place to store your "six foot turkey" for (mildly) safe transport to the theme park of your choice.

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  7. Science

    Prehistoric Flowers Trapped in Amber Hold Each Other in Eternal Loving Embrace, at Least That’s the PG Version

    A recent find in a Myanmar mine is giving scientists (and hopefully not amusement park tycoons with a God-complex) unprecedented insight into the Cretaceous Period. It's also giving them insight about the sex lives of long extinct species of flowers. You know, normal, every day science stuff.

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  8. Entertainment

    Hold on to Your Butts: Chris Pratt May Get a Part in Jurassic World

    Today's a cool day for casting rumors -- earlier we heard that Jason Momoa has potentially been tapped to play a role in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie, and now it's been announced that Chris Pratt is in final negotiations for the Jurassic Park sequel. Hmmmm. This case just remained interesting.

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  9. Entertainment

    This Marching Band Formed A Giant T-Rex; Your Argument Is Invalid [Video]

    The Ohio State University marching band is pretty well known across the Internet for their complicated and imaginative formations -- remember their video game tribute from last year? In this year's tribute to "Hollywood Blockbusters," they play music from Man of Steel, Fellowship of The Ring, Harry Potter, and Jurassic Park. Needless to say, it's totally amazing.

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  10. Entertainment

    It’s a Jurassic Jurassic Jurassic Jurassic World in 2015

    Jurassic Park sequels, uh, find a way. The fourth film in the series, dubbed Jurassic World will hit theaters June 12, 2015 and the team behind it is impressive enough to make us forget II III and just get really pumped about this.

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  11. Entertainment

    Welcome… to the Jurassic Park LEGO Set

    I need there to be a tiny Ian Malcolm on desk, and it looks like the best chance of that happening is to have everyone go to the LEGO CUUSOO page and vote on this Jurassic Park LEGO set submission. Please do that immediately. If you're not convinced we have more pictures after the jump.

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  12. Entertainment

    The Many Ways Jurassic Park is a Commentary on Capitalism [Video]

    One of the greatest films of the past two decades (yeah, two. We are all getting older, let's move on), Jurassic Park has been analyzed through every critical lens there is, most notably Marxist. For the folks at PBS Idea Channel, it's not just the film's text that's involved in capitalist discourse... it's the existence of the film itself. Trippy.

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  13. Science

    Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Finally Getting Their Own Tyrannosaurus Rex

    There are only about a dozen complete or near-complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons in the world, and none of them live at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. None of them live anywhere. They're fossils, but none of them exist as fossils at the Smithsonian, but that's about to change. They're finally getting their own T. rex skeleton.

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  14. Entertainment

    CinemaSins Points Out Everything Wrong With Jurassic Park, Fails To Quell Our Love Of Jurassic Park

    I think it's pretty safe to say that everyone on the staff here at Geekosystem -- and most of our readers -- are huge fans of Jurassic Park. From the John Williams score to the presence of Jeff Goldblum to oh, yeah, the giant animatronic dinosaurs all over the place, everything about the movie is utterly incredible and downright perfect. Well, maybe not everything. The professional nitpickers at CinemaSins have uncovered a few minor errors that we somehow missed in about a bazillion viewings of this flick. 

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  15. Tech

    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Jurassic Park’s Animatronic T-Rex [Video]

    It goes without saying that we here at Geekosystem 1) enjoy Jurassic Park and 2) love us some animatronics. With these two facts in mind, it should then come as no surprise that the series of videos released by the Stan Winston School of Character Arts about the creation of the animatronic Tyrannosaurus rex puppet for Jurassic Park is also right up our alley. There are three videos, which you can watch after the jump, that detail a lot of the thoughts and processes that went in to creating the behemoth.

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