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    New Japanese Bar Lets You Get Drunk With Kaiju

    A bar opening for a limited time in Kawasaki Japan tomorrow has an awesome gimmick. It's called Kaiju Sakaba, and it's the probably the only place where you and your drunk compatible friends will be able to hang out with some of the world's most famous monsters.

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    Development of New Godzilla an Unnecessary Mess of Petty Disputes and Rewrites

    Did you just feel the ground shake violently beneath your feet? Hear that deafening roar from off in the distance? As much as we wish we could say it's Godzilla, those tremors and bellowing are actually coming from an even more monstrous abomination: Legendary Pictures. Production for the highly anticipated return of everyone's favorite king of kaiju hasn't even started and already the studio is being stymied by one self-imposed speed bump after another. From the studio playing a tedious game of musical chairs with film writers to petty internal disputes, we'd be fortunate to even get 5 minutes of leaked grainy Godzilla footage uploaded to YouTube at the rate things are currently going -- which is assuming that everybody at Legendary Pictures can wrap their heads around a grown-up word called compromise.

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  3. Entertainment

    Full Pacific Rim Trailer Released, Has Obligatory Sword-Fighting Scene

    The first full-length trailer for Pacific Rim has finally been released and it's basically everything you would want from director Guillermo del Toro's love letter to the kaiju and mecha genres: Giant robots and monsters beating the hell out of each other centered around a plot that involves... well, basically giant robots and monsters beating the hell out of each other. Okay, the plot may be a little on the thin side and paint-by-numbers, but in the long run, this is the kind of movie we wish existed back when we were five years old. Better late than never, we suppose.

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