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    The Wayne Foundation Is Real and We Spoke to the Woman Who Runs It

    In the comics, The Wayne Foundation is a way for Bruce Wayne to help his city in ways that Batman cannot. In the real world, it's a charity that fights the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children. We spoke to its president Jamie Walton about starting the foundation with Kevin Smith, and which superheroes she'd like to see donate.

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    Stop Whining about Ben Affleck Playing Batman, He is Perfect for the Part

    Friday was my day off, so I wasn't in the Geekosystem offices to yell at Victoria McNally about how wrong she is to hate Ben Affleck being cast as Batman. I believe in Ben Affleck, but more importantly, movies don't get cast by Internet opinion. Batfleck is happening, so you might as well get on board. Here's a moving speech to convince you.

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  3. Science

    Bill Nye Explains His Superman Shaving Theory, Officially Becomes Friends With Geekosystem

    Bill Nye is a national treasure. He's who I'd imagine Superman would actually turn to solve a problem like shaving, so it's a no-brainer to see him included in the Gillette campaign to figure out how the Last Son of Krypton loses his beard in Man of Steel. I had the chance to speak with him about his scientific approach to Kryptonian shaving, and then we became friends.

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    My Day-Long 15-Minute Interview With Kevin Smith About Superman’s Beard

    Last week, I had the immense pleasure of interviewing filmmaker Kevin Smith about his theory of how Superman shaves as part of the Gillette How Does The Man of Steel Shave? campaign. I was only supposed to talk to Kevin for 15 minutes, but ended up spending the better part of the day with him talking about Superman, filmmaking, Clerks 3, and Kickstarter.

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    Gillette Teams Up With Geek Celebs to Wonder About Superman’s Shaving Techniques [Video]

    It might not have occurred to you while watching the Man of Steel trailer that since Clark Kent is depicted as having a beard in one shot, at some point he had to learn how to shave -- which would probably be incredibly difficult considering the strength of his hair follicles. Razor company Gillette has definitely picked up on this, of course. They've launched a tie-in marketing campaign to postulate about how the Last Son of Krypton manages to look so clean-shaven all the time, and they've enlisted the help of Bill Nye, Mayim Bialik, Kevin Smith,and the Mythbusters to do it.

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    Kevin Smith’s Epic Twitter Monologue About How and Why Movies Get Made

    We get it: Saying things on Twitter doesn't make them instantly newsworthy, 'techy,' or interesting. However, it does allow famous or otherwise inaccessible people to communicate directly with their fans in interesting ways, and this is something that cult filmmaker Kevin Smith is very good at. This afternoon, he posted an epic monologue on Twitter that revealed the dark truth that studios fund projects because they make money, explained how filmmakers and other creative people could find fulfillment and success anyway, and, as a bonus, presented a theory of artistry that divides people into the categories of Hal Jordan, Superman, and Batman.

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    Did Batman Wet His Pants?

    Blame Kevin Smith: The sixth issue of Batman: The Widening Gyre, a twelve-part, official DC miniseries written by the Clerks director and illustrated by Walt Flanagan, features this charmer of a panel, which etches Batman's avowed bladder spasm in the annals of comics history. What's worse, this is actually a flashback to Frank Miller's path-setting Batman: Year One -- to Batman's pivotal first speech to the corrupt gangsters who control Gotham, which TVTropes identifies as the comic's "Crowning Moment of Awesome." Not anymore.

    Comics fans being what they are, this exchange has inspired quite some controversy:

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    It’s Free Comic Book Day!

    Yes, those are all comics that I just grabbed for free. Well, except for the Transmetropolitan trade. What are you doing? Go get yourself some free comics! More after the jump.

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  9. Weird

    Kevin Smith vs. Southwest: Now The Latest Bizarre Chinese Computer Animation

    Adult Swim News (otherwise known as the Chinese program Apple Daily) recaps the entirety of the Kevin Smith/Southwest Airlines conflict, from the seating, to the ousting, to the tweeting, to the podcasting, to the... the angry mob marching through the streets?

    As always, there's no translation from the Chinese, so hit the jump for your daily, physician recommended, dose of surreality.

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  10. Entertainment

    Shocker: Kevin Smith still not too Happy with Southwest Airlines

    Kevin Smith's recent spat with Southwest Airlines may have given us a new corollary to "never get involved in a land war in Asia": Don't detain a beloved cult director with 1.65 million Twitter followers for being "too fat to fly" (Smith's words) when he's already onboard the plane, stridently defending your "Customer of Size" policy while offering him a $100 voucher (Smith: "the way a john tosses a hooker a c-note"), and then take to your weirdly capitalized corporate blog -- which is lined with peanuts, by the way -- to passive-aggressively 'apologize' to "Not So Silent Bob." Referring to him as "Not So Silent Bob" being a great way to show a 'with it' knowledge of his films and also to say: Hey guy, stop complaining about this incident on Twitter already. Well, Kevin Smith is still 'not so silent' about the Southwest Airlines incident. After innumerable Tweets about the incident yesterday, many of which were self-made or retweeted fat jokes, Smith is back today, and it sounds like the offered c-note did not win him over.

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