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    Microsoft Isn’t Happy British Spies Considered Spying on Gamers With Kinect

    Further proving British spies have their fingers firmly on the pulse of the technologically literate, new details in their probably incredibly useful Yahoo user spying program say that they were also eyeing Microsoft's Kinect as a way to spy on people. Is there no piece of technology we can trust? Luckily, who even uses Kinect?

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  2. Gaming

    Vsauce Dissects an Xbox One in Stop Motion… for Knowledge! [Video]

    The Xbox One is bursting at the seams with knowledge! OK, maybe yours isn't, but Jake Roper's in his "Fact Surgery" series on Vsauce will help you learn all about your favorite (or least favorite, depending on which camp you're in) video game console, and this time he's gone the extra mile and brought you some Kinect facts, as well.

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  3. Gaming

    South Korea Monitors Their Border With Microsoft’s Kinect, at Least Somebody Found a Use for It

    For the Xbox One, Microsoft pulled out all the stops and developed an incredibly powerful version of the original Kinect, and pretty much no one cared, because they just want it to be $100 cheaper like the PlayStation 4. All that technology won't go to waste, though, because a South Korean programmer put it to work on the nation's border.

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  4. Gaming

    New Xbox One Video Shows Off Creepy Kinect Features, Menus, and User Experience

    This new video showing off the Xbox One doesn't focus much on games. Instead, it gives an in-depth look at the user experience, menus, and apps. We think that's a smart play, because as launch day for both systems approaches now's the time to show potential buyers how the system would fit into their lives beyond games.

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  5. Tech

    New Kinect App Lets You Make a Touch Screen Out of Literally Any Surface

    While Microsoft's Kinect is generally disliked as a video game peripheral, it certainly gets used for a number of zany tech ideas. Case in point-- a new software that uses a projector in tandem with the Kinect to create a touch screen out of any surface. Just another sign we're getting closer to "the future."

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  6. Gaming

    Kinect No Longer Mandatory For Xbox One

    Well, this was was only a matter of time since Microsoft reversed their DRM and used game policies for the upcoming Xbox One. The company now says the new console will also function without the motion-sensing Kinect peripheral -- and its attendant camera -- which had previously been announced as necessary for use.

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  7. Gaming

    This is What You’ll Be Getting With Your Xbox One At Launch [Video]

    There've been a lot of jokes made about the box one since its reveal -- but now that Don Mattrick has left the company and all of its most controversial policies have been reversed, some are starting to change their minds. For those in that party, Major Nelson put out an unboxing video that shows you what you'll be getting if you buy the console at launch.

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  8. Science

    Scientists Use Kinect to Put Cyborg Roaches on Autopilot

    Scientists at North Carolina State University have used an Xbox Kinect to automatically guide cockroaches along a set path. This isn't the first time someone's wired up a cockroach to get it to do their bidding, but as far as we know it's the first time someone's done it using an Xbox Kinect to get the roaches on autopilot. This sounds ridiculous, but Xbox-controlled cyborg cockroaches could actually help save lives.

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  9. Gaming

    Harmonix Announces Fantasia: Music Evolved, Makes Us Wish We Were Actual Sorcerers

    You know how critics of music-centric video games like Guitar HeroRock Band, and Just Dance used to argue that such games gave you a false feeling of accomplishment because you were basically putting time and energy into simulating a skill (guitar playing, dancing, etc) that you weren't actually learning? Prepare to not be worried about that with the upcoming Fantasia: Music Evolved, because if this trailer is any indication of the actual gameplay, all you're going to be putting time and energy into is waving your arms around like Mickey Mouse does in The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Which, granted, sounds pretty awesome. Who hasn't wished they could control the elements with a sweep of their hand? And by elements, I mean "dubstep beats."

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  10. Gaming

    Say Hello to the Xbox One, Microsoft’s Next-Gen Entertainment Console

    Well, the next-gen Xbox reveal event has come and gone. First things first: It's called the Xbox One. Also, Microsoft would very much like you to stop using every other device you have in your entertainment system. As made clear by the event, the Xbox One is definitely being marketed as The One Device to Rule Them All, but I'm not sure I buy into all the hype.

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  11. Gaming

    These Could Be the Specs for the Next Generation Kinect

    There is a new batch of rumors about the successor to the Xbox Kinect that give the specifics on the updated device currently operating under the name "Durango". The rumors are detailed down to the specs of the 3D camera sensor, but nothing is official yet. The specs being reported seem pretty believable though -- most categories are getting a slight bump in specs, but nothing so crazy as to raise any doubt. Let's look at the numbers.

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  12. Gaming

    Drop the F-Bomb: Dead Space 3 for Kinect Will Have Profanity-Triggered Commands

    You know those times when you're playing a video game and Murphy's law comes into effect, resulting in incessant cursing at the screen in the vain hope your swearing will cause some kind of positive change? Of course you do, and so does Dead Space 3 producer Steve Papoutsis. In a recent interview, he's said that the development team at Visceral Games has worked to integrate the Kinect's voice capabilities into the game, allowing players to trigger special commands when they let the swears fly. The only catch, however, is that we won't know what words to use until the right situations present themselves.

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  13. Space

    You (Yes, You!) Can Experience the Terror of Landing a Multi-Billion Dollar Rover on Mars With XBox Kinect!

    Early next month, the 2,000 pound Curiosity rover will finally touch down on the surface of Mars and just doing that will require one of the most ingenious and daring landings that NASA has yet attempted. Now, Earthlings can try their hand at conquering the "seven minutes of terror" with a new Kinect game for Xbox. Unlike the space program, this one is completely free!

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  14. Gaming

    Xbox 360 to Get Interactive, Kinect-Enabled “NUads” for its Streaming Content

    When it comes to the idea of futuristic advertising, movies and books tend to present holograms that stalk their prey, calling them by name, following them around, and trying to actually interact with the target as opposed to simply being seen. "NUads" set to come to Xbox 360 streaming video may be a step in that very direction. While they don't involve holograms and won't follow you around, NUads are interactive -- through Kinect integration -- and will try to get you to wave at them starting this fall if you're watching video on your Xbox through one of the many new Microsoft-partnered sources like ESPN or NBC News.

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  15. Tech

    Kinect for Windows Gets Face-Tracking Update

    Kinect was an ambitious project from the start, so it's good to see that Microsoft is following through by continuing to support the device and doling out more functionality. One of the big steps was the release of Kinect for Windows, which allowed a whole new crowd of would-be developers take a crack at the hardware, and now they'll have a new thing to take a crack at. After an SDK update, Kinect now has facial-tracking capabilities, so it'll be able to tell if you're enjoying playing with it.

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