1. Gaming

    A South Korean University Will Soon Accept Pro Gamer Applicants to Their Sports Department

    Hey, nerds. In, "Why wasn't this a thing when I wanted to go to college?" news, South Korea's Chung-Ang university has enacted a new policy to accept pro gamers to their Department of Sports Science just like any other athlete, which could help them get into the highly selective school. Gamers, it might be time to start learning Korean.

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  2. Gaming

    South Korea Monitors Their Border With Microsoft’s Kinect, at Least Somebody Found a Use for It

    For the Xbox One, Microsoft pulled out all the stops and developed an incredibly powerful version of the original Kinect, and pretty much no one cared, because they just want it to be $100 cheaper like the PlayStation 4. All that technology won't go to waste, though, because a South Korean programmer put it to work on the nation's border.

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  3. Tech

    An Unexpected Journey: Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Set to Visit North Korea

    If you count yourself a devoted reader of all things Geekosystem, then you no doubt know that among our other self-imposed journalistic duties, one of them involves the constant and dedicated coverage of developments coming out of North Korea -- whether the news be legitimate, comedic, or -- typically -- a unique amalgamation that skates that fine line of being both. In keeping with this trend, South Korean officials have reported that Google chairman Eric Schmidt is scheduled to visit North Korea on a clandestine humanitarian mission, with the company itself pretty tight-lipped on the details surrounding the reason for this unorthodox trip. And as far as we know, it ain't a vacation.

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  4. Entertainment

    This is All Your Fault: “Gangnam Style” First YouTube Video in History to Reach One Billion Views

    Yeah, hey, thanks a lot, everybody. Due to your insatiable appetite for all things insipid and obnoxiously viral on the Internet, the total number views for South Korean rapper -- and we use that term loosely -- PSY's "Gangnam Style" music video has skyrocketed to over one billion views and will likely continue to grow unless we as a people actually stop sharing it with everyone and their grandmother. Just so you know, pop culture is a part of our legacy, and legacies have a habit of outlasting the people that spawned it. Now future generations will recognize us for our inexplicable admiration for a man that enjoyed dancing like a horse.

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  5. Weird

    North Korea Finds Ancient Unicorn Lair, Because Sure, Why Not

    Continuing their proud nation's great tradition of being simultaneously wackier and sadder than all other nations, North Korean archaeologists have announced the discovery of what they claim is the lair of a unicorn. What, you may ask, could lead them to believe they had stumbled on such an incredible find? According to the country's state run news service "A rectangular rock carved with words "Unicorn Lair" stands in front of the lair." I think you'll agree -- pretty hard to argue with evidence like that.

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  6. Entertainment

    Father of “Gangnam Style” Performer Reaps the Benefits, Sees Company Share Price Increase 285%

    There's no good way to explain the sudden spike in the share price of Korean semiconductor manufacturer DI. Over three weeks, the company has rocketed from around $1.80 to $5.12 a share. The shift is baffling, considering that there's been no change financially for the company otherwise. It's not like they unveiled some amazing contraption that might drive such growth. DI's main shareholder, however, just so happens to be Park Won-ho. He's the father of Park Jae-sang -- as in PSY, the performer behind the immensely popular "Gangnam Style" song.

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  7. Science

    Eunuchs Live Longer, Not Necessarily Happier Lives Than Non-Castrated Men

    Historical research out of South Korea suggests that male sex hormones may be to blame for the shorter lives of men across cultures. The evidence for this? The shocking longevity of several centuries of Korean eunuchs. Researchers combing through the meticulously detailed birth and death records of the Korean Chosun Dynasty found that eunuchs  -- castrated men who worked as servants at court -- were a staggering 130 times more likely to live to see 100 than men in the modern age.

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  8. Gaming

    Blade & Soul Tops Diablo III In Korea, But Do We Care?

    NC Soft's Blade & Soul is the hot new game in Korea, with its open beta topping the PC Bang charts at 20.35%. Diablo III's iron grip on Korean gamers seems to have weakened as it drops to 17.74%, the first time it went sub-20% in 5 weeks. So is this the end of Diablo III? Not very likely.

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  9. Gaming

    Korean Police Recruit Angry Birds to Help Prevent School Violence

    On February 21, Korean National Police Agency teamed up with Rovio Entertainment to create a campaign in which Rovio's iconic Angry Birds can be used as a sort of anger management in a campaign that aims to prevent violence in schools. That's right, Korea thinks that a video game -- even one with the word "Angry" in the title -- can actually help prevent violence. I wish I could say more of my own countrymen were equally enlightened.

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  10. Weird

    Korea’s Indoor Cycling Gymnastic Championship [Video]

    I'd say that an indoor cycling gymnastics sport is weird, and that having a championship for it is even weirder, but this "sport" comes from Korea--a place where StarCraft is more the national sport than anything else.

    (via BuzzFeed)

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  11. Entertainment

    Doggy Poo Story Is a Real Movie (And Book. And Musical.)

    Doggy Poo Story is a 2003 claymation movie (well, we hope it's clay) based on a Children's Literature Award-winning book by Korean author Jung-Saeng Kwon. The photo above, spotted in Seoul's Maebang Station, advertises a musical based on the series, with the tagline "Nothing God made is useless."

    While the title might seem to promise -- well, be -- one massive poop joke, it's actually a rather existential story about one piece of dog excrement's quest to find its higher purpose.

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  12. Gaming

    StarCraft II Rated Adults Only in Korea

    The Korean Games Rating Board had previously given "alpha" and "skirmish" builds of Starcraft II a 15-years-old and up rating. Hoping to get a rating to match America's Teen (13+) classification, game maker Blizzard asked for a reevaluation this month with the game's release candidate. The same board that handed out the initial rating slapped the game with an even higher 18 and up stamp.

    What on earth could have happened between the two builds, especially when Blizzard was trying for a lower rating?

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