1. Space

    Crater On Mars May Have Once Been A Lake

    It seems like just last week we were singing the praises of the oft-overlooked Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). Over the weekend, the Mars satellite sporting one of the coolest cameras this side of the asteroid belt announced new data suggesting a surface formation on the Red Planet long held to be an impact crater may have been misinterpreted. The MRO's new analysis of the geology at the 57 mile-wide Mclaughlin Crater turned up evidence that the massive impact formation may have been a Martian lake at one point in its history -- and that the lake may have been fed by plentiful groundwater long ago in the planet's past.

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  2. Science

    This is What an Exploding Lake Looks Like [Video]

    Details are scant as to what exactly is happening in the video above, but it sounds like some blasting in a quarry created this huge explosion and tsunami-like wave in the lake above. Some commentors are already making the obligatory shouts of "fake!" of course. I don't know much about quarry blasting, but it looks pretty convincing to me. Internet, tell us what you think. Be forewarned: it's quite loud. (Liveleak via Gizmodo)

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