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  1. Gaming

    Watch Jimmy Fallon and Ice-T Play With The PS4 Because Why Wouldn’t You Want To Watch That? [Video]

    If you're like us, you've always had a burning desire to watch Ice-T kick a virtual reality robot in the face, but you never quite knew you needed to see it until just this second. Well, worry no longer, friends! He and Jimmy Fallon both got a chance to check out the playroom demo last night, which comes with a  bunch of adorable ARG bots to punt.

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  2. Entertainment

    Feel Real Good While Watching The Roots and Jimmy Fallon Cover “Sesame Street” With a Bunch of Muppets

    We've been binge watching Mortal Kombat Legacy today. It's great, but we need a break. We need something light; Something joyful. What's that? There's video of Jimmy Fallon and The Roots covering the Sesame Street theme with classroom instruments, and the Muppets of Sesame Street? Yeah. That'll do.

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  3. Entertainment

    Jimmy Fallon’s Breaking Bad Parody is the Best Breaking Bad Parody

    I'm almost as sad that Breaking Bad parodies are going away as I am that Breaking Bad is going away. Hopefully Better Call Saul parodies will be this good. Watch for appearances by Breaking Bad cast members as well Higgins saying "bitch" like a thousand times.

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  4. Entertainment

    Watch Jesse and the Rippers Reunite on Jimmy Fallon [Video]

    Remember earlier this week when I got all excited because Jesse and the Rippers were reuniting on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? Well it happened Friday night, and it didn't disappoint. Aunt Becky even makes an appearance. My guess about what they'd play was right and wrong. They did play the Full House theme "Everywhere You Look" but it was part of a medley including "Forever", "Little Sister", and "The Hippie Hippie Shake."

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  5. Gaming

    We Transcribed the Lyrics to The Root’s Mario Rap on Late Night So You Don’t Have To

    It's Game Week over at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and since Fallon has basically the best back-up band ever in The Roots, he used their unique talents to answer an audience request for lyrics to the Super Mario Brothers theme song. As you can see, it was a great success -- Tariq had some surprisingly poetical things to say about the Mushroom Kingdom. Check out the video and transcript right here.

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  6. Weird

    The 7 Best Harlem Shake Videos the Internet’s Produced So Far

    The Harlem Shake phenomenon is still ongoing. We're only about a week into this thing, and there have already been a number of hilarious takes on the concept. The general idea is to take the first thirty seconds of "Harlem Shake" by Baauer, have one person dancing oddly while everyone else is acting normal, and then cut to the whole room exploding into motion at the first mention of "do the Harlem shake" ends. The end of the video must be a slower speed than the rest. Hit the jump to check out the seven best Harlem Shake videos the Internet's produced so far.

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  7. Entertainment

    Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Sequel to the Classic “Who’s on First?” Comedy Routine [Video]

    Though it wasn't the first to play with words, the "Who's on First?" routine by Abbott and Costello is perhaps the most famous of its kind. Started in the early 20th century, the sketch has been a hit ever since. Most folks have at least heard of it, if not heard the actual thing. It's something of a landmark, and budding comedians everywhere tend to give it a go. Jimmy Fallon, with the help of Billy Crystal and Jerry Seinfeld, has produced a sequel to the routine on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and let's just say we were pleasantly surprised.

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  8. Entertainment

    Tracy Morgan Waxes Eloquent on Love in Star Wars… Between Luke and Han Solo

    Tracy Morgan tells it like it is. Love: and you thought it smelled bad on the outside. (via Blastr.)

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  9. Gaming

    3DS Confirmed for 2011 Release On… Jimmy Fallon?

    Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo America, made an appearance on this Friday's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to show off Donkey Kong Country Returns and the Nintendo 3DS. While there he let slip some info on the 3DS' release schedule, during an interview made a little awkward by the fact that both host and guest were also trying to play their way through a level of Donkey Kong. Frankly, we don't think we would have been any more coherent.

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