1. Tech

    How Do LCD Monitors Work? One Engineer Explains All [Video]

    If you've got 5 minutes to kill and want to know how an LCD monitor works, allow "Engineer Guy" Bill Hammack to explain. Technical, but also very accessible. Previously: Hammack explains why the other line always seems to move faster. (Engineer Guy via Reddit)

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  2. Tech

    How Do Kindle and iPad Screens Look Under a Microscope?

    Keith Peters recently got a handheld USB digital microscope, which by itself would have been quite cool, but then he took it to the next level by turning it on his gadgetry. Above-left is Peters' scan of a Kindle screen at 26x magnification; above-right is an iPad screen at 26x magnification. Already, the difference between the Kindle's E-ink and the iPad's liquid crystal display is apparent, at least when we're talking about black-and-white text:

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