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    Whip It Good: LEGO Castlevania Fan Film’s the Greatest Video You’ll See Today

    YouTube is rife with a plethora of stop motion LEGO films, ranging from the thoroughly entertaining to outright abysmal. Still, a majority of them aren't any longer than 10 minutes since not everybody is willing to devote hours of their time tediously making small LEGO figurines move across a table. Though we can't speak for the dedicated folks behind the feature length fan film Castlevania IV: Legend of Vania. Created by Hovinet Films -- a small studio consisting of three brothers from Finland -- Castlevania IV was a seven-year labor of love that runs for a whopping 146 minutes! Believe us, after watching the movie, you'll have a conflicting urge to start playing with LEGOs and play Castlevania on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Decisions, decisions...

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    LEGO Captain America Fan Film Has a Lot of Nazi Evisceration [Video]

    And let's be honest: That makes it awesome. What's amazing to me is not only how many custom weapons are used, or how many custom minifigs are completely destroyed in showers of Play-Doh blood, but how fluidly the characters move. LEGO stop motion animation sure has come a long way.

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    Heat-Styled Street Shootout, in Lego

    From The Matrix to Star Wars, meticulous Lego action scene reenactments are nearly as old as the invention of fire. The Legomasters at Custard Productions have churned out some classics with the little building blocks, including "Batman's Gay Roommate" (NSFW) and "Cardboard Gear Solid." Their most recent entry, "Lego Street Shootout," is a particularly violent stop-motion affair; moreover, it unfolds in a gritty, naturalistic documentary-like style that hearkens to the gun battles in Heat and The Way of the Gun.

    Naturalistic ... until the jetpack comes into play. Hit the jump for the video.

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