1. Gaming

    Metroid and Other Nintendo LEGO CUUSOO Sets Make Us Wish for an Official Partnership

    LEGO CUUSOO sets can be pretty well done, but there isn't one that is perhaps as big of a no-brainer for "this should just be something LEGO already makes" as Nintendo-themed LEGO sets. Nintendo and LEGO are giants in their markets, and those markets overlap in a big way. Why am I not playing with LEGO Samus right now?

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  2. Weird

    Priest Says New LEGO Sets Teach Children About “The World Of Death”

    LEGO may seem like one of the most inoffensive children's products on the market. But Polish Priest Father Kostrzewa, who once descried My Little Pony as "a carrier of death", warns parents that some new sets will "lead children to the dark side". Listen, Father, we all want the Dr. Who set to become a reality, but anger will get us nowhere!

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  3. Entertainment

    Want Game of Thrones LEGO Minifigs? Citizen Brick has the Closest Thing You Can Get

    Citizen Brick, the makers of that very-nearly-almost Breaking Bad LEGO set, have just created "The Dragon Sword Fighter Force!" It's as close to a Game of Thrones series of minifigs as they could get without running afoul of HBO's legal department. Check out them out right here.

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  4. Weird

    Woman Creates Resume in LEGO Form, Deserves to Be Given All the Jobs

    Everything about applying for jobs is not awesome, so Leah came up with a genius way to stand out from all the other minifigs and convince her dream agencies that she's "the missing piece." Master builders of the world, meet your competition!

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  5. Entertainment

    Oh Geez, The New Series of Simpsons-themed LEGO Minifigs Are Too Perfect

    So far we've been doing a good job of not buying the amazing(ly expensive) Simpsons house replica from LEGO, and our wallets have appreciated the effort. But now they're releasing special minifigs at $4 each, and y'all, I don't know that we can hold out much longer. Just look at their little mostly yellow faces. It's too much.

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  6. Entertainment

    The Lego Movie Meets The Simpsons In This Wonderful Video

    This is exactly what we were hoping for when we heard about the Simpsons-themed LEGO set: hilarious stop-motion videos of couch gags. Thankfully, the Internet has delivered for us in spades, starting with this great mash-up that teams Homer up with the latest in doofy everyman protagonists, Emmett from The Lego Movie.

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  7. Entertainment

    Want To Submit A LEGO Doctor Who Set to CUUSOO? Here Are 15 Ideas From Classic Storylines

    No one's more excited than us that LEGO CUUSOO will now accept Doctor Who-themed submissions. But simply slapping a long scarf sticker on a minifig is boring, right? We want very detailed and specific tie-ins to already existing serials and episodes, which is why we are now presenting you with this list of ideas. You're welcome.

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  8. Entertainment

    Check Out A Sneak Peek Of LEGO’s Upcoming 2014 Line From American International Toy Fair

    Yesterday we were given the chance to take a look at LEGO's new toy lines at the Javits Center in New York as part of this year's American International Toy Fair. Everything was, as the song goes, awesome.

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  9. Entertainment

    Here’s the Relatively Spoiler-Free Lego Movie Blooper Reel You Never Knew You Wanted

    The Lego Movie is basically a masterpiece of modern cinema, but that doesn't mean every take went right on the first try. "But Geekosystem," you're probably saying, "this can't be an authentic blooper reel. It's CGI! They probably made all of this stuff  up to try to be funny." Well, it is funny, so calm your LEGO bits over there.

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  10. Entertainment

    Car Insurance Commercial Remade With LEGO Proves Everything Is Better When Remade With LEGO

    We get a lot of emails that are obvious ploys by companies to try to fool us into posting a commercial for them under the guise of it being interesting content. Well guess what, sometimes it works. They remade the above boring insurance commercial with LEGO and now we love them and their little robot Brian.

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  11. Entertainment

    Fox News Says The Lego Movie Is Bad For America’s Kids

    Well, everyone, I'm sorry to report that once again Hollywood libertards are indoctrinating our children with their dangerous anti-big business message. The LEGO Movie is the newest in a string of children's movies demonizing corporations. At least, that's what Fox Business host Charles Payne shouts about in this cringe-worthy Fox News clip.

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  12. Entertainment

    Here’s How Many LEGO Bricks It Would Take to Build 17 Famous Movie Houses

    Sure, there will soon be a Ghostbusters LEGO set, but how many LEGO bricks would it take to build a full-size Ghostbusters firehouse? Movoto figured it out for you along with 16 other famous movie houses. Sorry, but even made of LEGO, you could probably only afford Yoda's Dagobah swamp hut.

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  13. Entertainment

    Dear LEGO, Please Make Awesome Science Lady LEGO Sets, Because This 7-Year-Old Wants You To

    The LEGO team responsible for making sets based on fan ideas recently put out their list of finalists for production, and on that list was this awesome science-themed lady minifig set by Alatariel. So how can we ensure that this set is actually made? By getting our cutest representatives to send letters to LEGO about gender equality, of course.

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  14. Entertainment

    Latest LEGO Movie Trailer Is A Dead-On Balls-Accurate Parody of Man Of Steel

    Say what you want about the way the Man of Steel movie eventually turned out (and we know you already have, because you're the Internet), but you can't deny that Hans Zimmer-fueled first trailer was pretty badass. You know what else is badass? LEGO. At least, that's what they want you to think.

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  15. Tech

    Google and LEGO Let You Build Whatever You Want, Wherever You Want, Right in Your Browser

    If you haven't played with it before, Build with Chrome is a great Google Chrome experiment that lets you build whatever you want with LEGO bricks on a virtual map. Today, Google announced that the map is no longer limited to Australia (the browser app was created by Google Australia), and you can now build on any patch of land in the world.

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