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    Cavemen Were Better at Drawing Four-Legged Animals, Modern Man Hangs Head in Shame

    Think you know art better than a caveman? It might be time to think again -- at least in one arena. A recent analysis of nearly 1,000 pieces of cave paintings and modern artwork suggests that Paleolithic humans had a better eyes than modern artists when it came to capturing the complex movement of four-legged animals. Modern artists, the study claims, have yet to reach this same level of artistic prowess and continue to struggle with the ambulatory sequence of most earthbound mammals. If you haven't yet, this may be the point where you write the art school you attended looking for a refund.

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  2. Entertainment

    The Da Vinci Code Is Real. Maybe. Not Really.

    In an attempt to further convince people that Dan Brown does not write fiction, an Italian researcher has claimed to have found secret codes in the eyes of the Mona Lisa. There's a joke about "Mona Lisa Eyes" in there someplace. Maybe etched into "Waterlilies." According to Silvano Vinceti, there are several letters and numbers etched into both eyes of the Mona Lisa that may or may not reveal either A) a secret code or B) the identity of the woman who sat for the iconic painting.

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  3. Entertainment

    Leonardo da Vinci Action Movie in the Works

    Brace yourselves; the movie you’ve been waiting for is finally in the works. According to The Hollywood Reporter,Warner Brothers has acquired the rights to Adrian Askarieh’s original work, Leonardo da Vinci and the Soldiers of Forever. If you think nothing could be better than the title, here's the plot:

    Da Vinci will be portrayed as “a secret society member embroiled in a supernatural adventure that pits him against Biblical demons in a story involving secret codes, lost civilizations, hidden fortresses and fallen angels.”

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  4. Entertainment

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Artistic Renditions

    Webcomic Not Really ... But Seriously has really outdone itself with this ten-panel homage to the great artists, courtesy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Or is that a ten-panel homage to the TMNT, courtesy of the great artists?

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  5. Weird

    The da Vinci Resume

    We promise, this isn't like the RE: RE: FWD: RE: WOULDN'T YOU HAVE HIRED HIM? emails that three members of your family send you at the same time (because they never check the CC). This post is about the actual resume of a 30 year-old Leonardo da Vinci, wooing a new patron: Ludovico il Moro, the Duke of Milan. The document has been brought to the attention of the internet by Stone, the blog for, the job board that only posts positions with 6 figure + salaries. In addition to some job-search related commentary, Stone also provides a translation from 15th century Italian, showing that after a brief preamble the document consists of a numbered list, not of Leonardo's achievements to that date, but of what works he might yet complete for a patron. Playing to his audience, Leonardo's list consists of mostly one thing: hideously effective weapons of (at the time) mass destruction.

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