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    Sonic Lost World and Zelda Crossover DLC Releases Tomorrow and Sonic Looks Adorable [Video]

    Here's a treat for both Sonic and Zelda fans. Check out Sonic looking cute as ever in his Link cosplay in the latest update for Sonic Lost World. A "Legend of Zelda Zone" stage will be available for download on March 27th in the Wii U eShop, and it's free!

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    You Can Play The Legend of Zelda From Link’s POV With The Oculus Rift

    The Oculus Rift can be used for all sorts of amazing things, like controlling space robots and diffusing bombs. But let's be honest with ourselves - what we really want out of virtual reality gaming is the ability to play The Legend of Zelda from a first-person perspective. That's right; you can be Link (just make sure you keep quiet).

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    Link Fights Agahnim in Legend of Zelda Fan Film The Dark Mask [Video]

    Every time we see a live action Legend of Zelda fan film, we're reminded of just how cheesy a live action Zelda movie would probably be. We're also reminded that we'd go see that cheesy Zelda flick in a second, because we also can't stop watching Zelda fan films, so here's one that focuses on Dark Link's origin.

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    An Animated Star Wars/Nintendo Mashup Is Exactly as Amazing as You’d Expect [Video]

    Congratulations, Internet. You've finally achieved your destiny. That destiny, of course, is bringing together the Nintendo universe and Star Wars to create eight minutes of pure bliss. Seriously, if you could squeeze our minds until our memories started pouring out, we're pretty sure this mashup is what would come out.

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    Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Inspires Beautiful Stained Glass Wall Art

    Blik, a removable wall art graphic company, has officially stuck itself to the walls of our hearts, where it cannot be removed with these gorgeous Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker stained-glass decals.

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    Butcher Billy Honors Shigeru Miyamoto by Transforming Him into His Characters

    Shigeru Miyamoto is responsible for many of the most iconic video game characters ever. He gave us a lot, and artist Butcher Billy wanted to give something back. That's why Billy made these beautiful images of Miyamoto as some of his most beloved characters. Check them out, they're really something special.

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    PBS Game/Show Might Just Be Our New Favorite Thing

    We already love the PBS YouTube shows Idea Channel and Off Book, so it's no surprise we like their new one Game/Show as well. It focuses specifically on the relationship between video games and culture, and it's incredible. The first episode has host Jamin Warren explain the endurance of Mario, Sonic, and Link as characters. We love this. A lot.

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    Dad Reprograms a Zelda Game to Make “FemLink” a Female Role-Model for His Daughter

    Parents will do anything for their children. Case in point: When father/gamer Mike Hoye plays The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker with his daughter, he reads her the story. When he does, he changes all the pronouns so that Link is actually a little girl, and Zelda is her little brother. Why does he do it? In a world where most of gaming classic heroes are men trying to a damsel in distress, Mr. Hoye wants his daughter to grow up thinking that girls can be just as heroic as boys. After doing this for some time, Hoye got fed up with having to do all the work in his head, so he took the time to reprogram the game with his own gender-swapped version of the script.

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    Sci-Fi Author Drops Copyright Suit Over Assassin’s Creed Series, Continues To Throw Hissy Fit Regardless

    Back in April, author John Beiswenger caused a bit of a stir when he filed suit against Ubisoft, alleging that the Assassin's Creed franchise ripped off his novel Link by utilizing the trope of "genetic memory" and several other common sci-fi mechanisms he implicitly suggested were his own original ideas. Moreover, he didn't just want a $5.25 million piece of the Assassin's Creed action, which would be shady but still understandable and perhaps possible, he wanted to halt the series entirely. It's not like anyone was particularly worried he'd actually pull it off, but now he's actually dismissed his own case, citing the expense of going through with a trial. The dismissal did not, however, stop him from throwing one last little hissy fit, and issuing a borderline slanderous parting shot.

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    Sci-Fi Author Aims To Block Assassin’s Creed 3 Release, Claims It Infringes On His Copyright

    Excited for Assassin's Creed III? So are we, so I hate to be the bearer of potentially bad news, but Ubisoft is now facing a lawsuit that could block the release of Assassin's Creed III. Science Fiction author John L. Beiswenger has just filed suit against Ubisoft claiming that the Assassin's Creed franchise infringes on his copyright by ripping off his novel Link. As such, he's requesting $1 million in damages -- $5 million if the judge rules willful infringement -- and that all future Assassin's Creed releases be blocked.

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    Link is Realistically Over-Encumbered

    One of the biggest realism issues video games have always faced is where, exactly, your character puts all of the items he or she has collected over the course of the adventure. Perhaps the most egregious offenders of inventory realism are RPGs and adventure games. How does Cloud carry around 99 Phoenix Downs and an arsenal of humongous swords? How do Elder Scrolls characters carry 300-plus pounds of junk on their person as they sneak around cities? DeviantART user WakaBee took these questions to heart, and whipped up a rendition of Link if all of the items he lugged around were visible. For some reason, he looks determined, rather than sweaty, sore, and collapsed on the ground under the weight of all his empty bottles.

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    The Evolution of Nintendo Characters

    The above chart documents the evolution of three of Nintendo's biggest characters, Mario, Link and Donkey Kong. Link seems to have been battling certain body image issues over the years, changing heights and weights with each generation.

    (How to be a Retronaut via Bit Rebels)

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    Link and Zelda Photomosaics

    The wonderful artists over at Kay Circle decided to give the world an early holiday present and made photomosaics of Link and Zelda using screenshots from each and every Zelda game. Check past the jump to see larger versions.

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    Forget Paper Mario: Paper Legend of Zelda and Paper Metroid!

    Ever wish Link could've shut that damned fairy Navi up? Ever get the feeling that the Great Deku Tree was really just an old plant preying on young children? Ever wonder why pulling the Master Sword out aged Link exactly to the peak of physical ability? Well, now these important questions have been answered. Texas-based animator Ericpowerup brings us a series of Ocarina of Time-based paper cutout animations titled Zelda on Paper, as well as a short at the end titled Metroid on Paper. Ericpowerup says: "So I've been an avid gamer for as long as I can remember, and just recently decided to put the two things I love together to make animated films and shorts based off video games." Check out the video after the break.

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    Skyward Sword Confirms: Once Left-Handed Link Is Right-Handed on the Wii

    Some of the greatest, most famous, and most successful figures in history have been left handed. We have left-handed presidents including Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Gerald Ford. We have ancient leaders and revolutionaries including Joan of Arc, Alexander the Great, and Julius Caeser. We have inventors and great minds like Henry Ford, and there are about a billion more great left-handed people of history and the present. But Kotaku have made a grim observation: Gamers may be losing one of their foremost left-handed role models.

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