1. Entertainment

    Norway’s “Piipshow” Bird Bar Is the Cutest Reality Show Ever

    Now, you can see what this nature thing is about without ever having to go outside. Norwegian broadcaster NRK is live streaming Piipshow, an adorably voyeuristic look into the lives of regulars at a tiny bird bar and the belligerent squirrel that loves to ruffle their feathers.

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  2. Space

    Check Back Here Tonight at 9PM EST for a Live Q+A Feed with the Creators Of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

    It's no secret that we're major fans of the upcoming Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey on Fox and National Geographic. If you're as pumped as we are for the premiere on Sunday night at 9pm EST, then you should definitely park yourself in front of your computer at 9pm EST tonight to catch a livestream with the series' creators.

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  3. Gaming

    Twitch Gets Trigger-Happy with PS4 Ban Notices after Sexual Assault Gets Streamed Live

    It's an old adage of the Internet that if you stream it, they will come—and put their dicks on it. Apparently, nobody at Sony or Twitch had heard that adage before, as they didn't put a whole lot of measures in place to make sure nobody did that with their integrated streaming. Now they're going on a user-banning rampage to make up for lost time.

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  4. Gaming

    Watch Polygon’s Live, 12-Hour Xbox One Marathon Today!

    The wonderful people over at Polygon are going to be playing Xbox One all day, but don't be jealous; they're doing it for you! From 11:30AM EST today to the wee hours of tomorrow at 12:30AM, you can watch Xbox One gameplay and live vicariously through the folks at Polygon as they show you the Xbox One first hand ahead of its Friday release.

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  5. Gaming

    Watch Live as Sony Celebrates the PlayStation 4 Launch with Some Big Announcements

    Sony's Head of Hardware Marketing, John Koller, Tweeted that Sony's livestream tonight will have some game-changing announcements for the next generation of gaming. We're hoping there'll be some news on the rumored virtual reality headset, because we're suckers for crazy new tech. Watch with us at 11PM EST!

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  6. Gaming

    Watch the 2013 World Chess Championship Live—Viswanathan Anand vs. Magnus Carlsen [Updated]

    The 2013 World Chess Championship between defending champion Viswanathan Anand and currently number-one-ranked challenger Magnus Carlsen starts tomorrow at 4:30AM EDT. They're scheduled to play 12 games during November. If 4:30 is a little early for you, you should be able to find video from the streams on the Chess Network YouTube channel.

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  7. Space

    Watch the Launch of a New International Space Station Team Live Tonight

    A new team is going to launch to the International Space Station tonight at 11:14PM EDT. NASA will have live streaming coverage of the event beginning at 10:15PM. You can watch right here, because we love space, and we want everyone else to love space, too.

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  8. Tech

    Google Play Scheduled An Event For Tonight: If There’s A Livestream, You Can Watch It Here [Updating]

    We all know that Google loves to stream their live events through Youtube, so with their announced Google Play event coming up tonight, it's possible that we'll all get a chance to watch part of it live. If that happens, we'll bring you the feed right here. But with all the talk of no new hardware, what's going to even happen at this thing?

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  9. Entertainment

    Can’t Make It To NYCC? You Can Watch The LiveStream Right Here

    New York Comic Con is basically minutes away from starting, and while some of us are still stuck at our desks right now while our senior editor gets to have all the fun (COUGH), we can all enjoy some of the weekend's festivities without the long trek to the Javits Center by checking out his awesome livestream.

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  10. Entertainment

    Watch Welcome to Night Vale Live(stream) at LA Podfest

    The Los Angeles Podcast Festival is on this weekend (Oct. 4 - 6), bringing the best and brightest of the podcast world together for one big bash. Love podcasts, but can't make it to LA this weekend? Don't worry; the Festival is being livestreamed worldwide, so you can hear and see your faves - like Welcome to Night Vale!

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  11. Entertainment

    After Futurama Ends Tonight, Check Out This Nerdist Livestream With The Cast and Crew

    It's the last episode of Futurama ever tonight -- for real this time. What will you do with yourself once it's over? If you're like us, you'll probably head over to Youtube to watch Nerdist's Chris Hardwick interview series creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, as well as other members of the creative team and cast. We've got the feed waiting for you right here.

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  12. Gaming

    Presenting the PS4 Presser Proceedings

    Today Sony used its Gamescom spotlight to give us a closer look at the PS4. Everything was very exciting, with new games, ports, price drops, and a release date for the PS4. Everything, that is, except the camera. Don't think we didn't see you zooming out half the time, cameraman.

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  13. Space

    NASA and LEGO Get Together on Google Hangout to Talk About “Imagine and Build” Competition

    Ever thought of what you would use to build your own spaceship if you were to design one yourself? LEGO has, of course, and while their bricks aren't quite strong enough to withstand interstellar travel just yet, that's not stopping the company from teaming up with NASA for a space-themed LEGO building competition.  At 11am EST today, representatives from LEGO, experts from NASA, and actual astronaut Leland Melvin will jump on a live stream via Google Hangout to talk about the contest, and we've got a feed of it right here for you.

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  14. Space

    Watch SpaceX’s Dragon Launch Live Stream Right Here

    Tomorrow's looking like a perfect day for a rocket launch in Cape Canaveral, Florida. SpaceX's second NASA-commissioned flight to the International Space Station is scheduled to take off in the morning. The mission will deliver a Dragon spacecraft with 1,200 lbs of supplies to the ISS, and will return to Earth loaded up with 2,300 lbs of things taken from the space station. We're looking forward to seeing the launch, and you can watch it right here.

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  15. Tech

    Live Stream Obama’s Fireside Google Hangout Here

    Was the State of the Union earlier this week fun, but just not enough President for you? Well, good news -- Obama is doing a Google Hangout, and we'll have the live stream right here. This isn't Obama's first "Fireside Hangout" -- he did one about a year ago -- but it's the first one of his second term, and hopefully a sign that these will be a habit going forward. Yes, it's going to be at least a little canned and PR-ish, but hey, it's the damn President, nothing's not at least sort of planned. Still, it's a fun way to be interactive that doesn't make anyone leave the office, and that works for us. Plus, you might get an answer for why the hell we still make pennies, and wouldn't that be nice?

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