1. Weird

    Enter the TARDIS on Google Maps

    Visit Earl's Court Road on Google Street View, and click on the double arrows. End up in a time machine. Yep, that's just about how most of my trips to London go.

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  2. Entertainment

    Indie Band’s Music Video Lets You Control How Drunk They Are With the Click of a Button [Video]

    When Moones set about brainstorming for a live session music video to promote their latest EP, Ollie Kristian had a genius idea: Record their single "Better Energy" over and over again, but have each member of the band drink four beers each between every take. The result is a multi-angle masterpiece of drunkenness that uses over 10,000 YouTube annotations to allow you total control over the band's blood alcohol level at any given moment of the song. Man, if only actually getting drunk were that easy -- think of the money we'd all save!

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  3. Weird

    “Fatbergs” in London Sewer to Become World’s Grossest Alternative Energy Source

    While fossil fuels drive the economy, they're not going to last forever, which is why we're looking pretty much everywhere for new sources of energy. Now solar power, wind power, biodiesel fuel, geothermal energy, and many other have been joined by a new source of fuel: Fatbergs, the massive lumps of congealed oil that coagulate and sometimes clog the sewers of London. A British energy company is planning to harvest the bergs and use them to generate electricity. Enough electricity, in fact, to power 39,000 British homes every year.

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  4. Entertainment

    Listen to the Radio Drama of Neverwhere While You Still Can

    We said it was coming, and now it's here. BBC 4 Radio has already aired their radio drama of Neil Gaiman's novel Neverwhere. Even better than that, you can listen to the whole thing for free. It's not going to be up forever, though, and I'm sure it'll be for purchase and download at some future date. But you can stream it right now!

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  5. Entertainment

    Quadcopter Fleet Plugs Star Trek By Forming Starfleet Insignia In London Sky [Video]

    While it's a shame it's not higher quality, I'm still amped by this video of 30 lit quadcopter robots forming a Starfleet insignia in the night sky above London, because...well, it's that sentence. Do I really have to explain why I'm totally down with it? Yes, I know it's a shameless publicity stunt. But considering it's a publicity stunt for a thing I'm already totally going to spend my money on (and you know I'm not alone there) and also involves robots, I can get behind it with fairly little trouble.

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  6. Weird

    Is the Penguin Invading London Now? Giant Rubber Ducky Sails the Thames

    For reasons we still don't quite understand, Tim Burton decided to have the Penguin cruise around Gotham City in a giant rubber ducky in Batman Returns. That made about as much sense as what happened yesterday. To promote their new "FUNdation," sailed a 50-foot-tall rubber ducky down the Thames in London, England. Is a thing in America? We wouldn't hate seeing a giant rubber ducky cruising down the Hudson when we leave work today.

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  7. Tech

    London Council to Install 14,000 Streetlights Capable of Being Controlled by iPad

    Cutting energy costs by fiddling with streetlights is something that's seen debate in the United Kingdom. Turning them off entirely isn't exactly a great option, of course, but there's little that can be done with the infrastructure as it currently exists beyond flipping them off and on. Westminster City Council is looking to change all that. Over the next four years, they'll be switching their 14,000 streetlights to smart alternatives capable of being controlled by an iPad, saving the council hundreds of thousands a year.

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  8. Entertainment

    London Theater Employs Cinema Ninjas to Confront Rude Customers

    People can't seem to stop themselves from being horribly rude when viewing a movie at the theater. This behavior ranges from talking on their phone to kicking the seats and is basically just the worst. It's almost as if being inconsiderate was a pastime for these people. The Prince Charles Cinema in London has had enough. They're supposedly employing volunteers dressed in black bodysuits to regulate their audience's behavior.

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  9. Weird

    Floating London Airport Plan Looks Like a Modern-Day Atlantis

    London Britannia Airport, a floating airport proposed to the British government by global architecture firm Gensler, could be the coolest building ever made... If it ever gets approved. An alternative to the publicly protested plans to expand London's Heathrow Airport, the hypothetical floating airport would be the world's first, breaking ground on an idea that architects and governments have been trying to achieve since the 1940's.

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  10. Weird

    London Bridge Was Falling Down, Then Shipped to the U.S.

    The fine folks at MinutePhysics are taking a break from physics this week, presumably because physics is very hard. Instead, they're exploring an odd tidbit from intercontinental history in which the city of London really did have a bridge it wanted to sell -- the then decrepit London Bridge. As is so often the case, an eccentric gazillionaire with more money than sense got involved, and history was made. Which is why the London Bridge is in Arizona now. That is great, because it reaffirms the fact that we live in a world that is very strange sometimes.

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  11. Science

    Mass Burial Pit in London Connected to Volcanic Eruption

    The discovery of a massive east London burial pit at Spitalfields market in the 1990s was originally said to have been caused by the Black Death or Great Famine of 1315-1317. Turns out, those original declarations were wrong by around a century. New evidence, like radiocarbon dating of the bones, instead links the deaths of the 10,500 medieval skeletons to a massive volcanic event that happened thousands of miles away in 1258.

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  12. Weird

    This Double-Decker Bus Does Pushups in the Name of Art

    If you have a difficult time doing a handful of pushups, it's time to get yourself in shape, because now even busses can do them. Not even the regular, thin, empirically attractive busses, but the heavy double-decker busses that prowl the English city streets. Don't worry, busses haven't become sentient and worried about their body image just yet, this one is just doing pushups in the name of art.

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  13. Weird

    Banksy Doesn’t Seem Too Keen on U.K.’s Olympic Missile Plan

    By this point, you are no doubt aware that the U.K. Ministry of Defence is installing surface-to-air missiles around London as a deterrent against would-be airplane hijackers during the Olympics. As you can imagine, some people are unhappy about the idea of having heavy weapons next door. Popular street artist Banksy doesn't seem too happy about it either.

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  14. Weird

    Learn Why the “City of London” is Not “London” in Just Under Five Minutes

    For some of you (particularly, our U.K. readers) this will probably not come as a surprise, but the "City of London" is not actually "London." In fact, as the great Internet explainer C.G.P. Grey reveals, the City of London is sort of its own thing within what we normally call London today. How this came to pass involves a little explaining about parliamentary democracy, history, and military construction, but it's imparted in just under five minutes.

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  15. Weird

    Pomp and Dandyism Abound at the 8th Annual Chap Olympiad

    It's only a matter of weeks until the 2012 Summer Olympics are underway. Last weekend, London hosted a different sort of Olympiad; namely, the 8th Annual Chap Olympiad. Athletes participated in events such as "Gentleman's Club Golf" and "The Umbrella Joust." Please note that the rest of this report should be read in the voice of Robert Morley.

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