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    Damon Lindelof Doesn’t Care What You Think About LOST‘s Ending, Thanks to Breaking Bad

    Earlier in the week, we told you that LOST creator Damon Lindelof had been receiving some pretty terrible hate in the wake of the widely-acclaimed Breaking Bad series finale. In a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter, Lindelof just wants you to know: he doesn't care what you think about the LOST finale any more. He. Is. Over it.

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    Breaking Bad Finale Makes Fans Remind Damon Lindelof How Much They Hated The LOST Finale

    Unless you live in an internet-less cavern (if so, how are you reading this, magical being?), you probably know that Breaking Bad ended last night. People were so pleased with the outcome of AMC's epic show that they celebrated in the best way the internet knows how: by hating on someone else. This time, it was LOST creator Damon Lindelof.

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    Damon Lindelof Basically Lied To ABC So They Would Pick Up LOST

    Love it or hate it, LOST was a game-changer in the world of television. Expensive to shoot, filmed in Hawaii, incredibly serialized, and often completely nonsensical, it's amazing that in the current TV landscape, a network looked at the premise for the show and said, "That's a great idea! Let's do it!" Well, as it turns out: that never happened.

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    Netflix, Arrested Development, and the Growing Prevalence of Binge-Watching

    The concept of watching a bunch of episodes of a TV show at once is either called 'binge-watching' or 'marathoning' the show. Those terms describe two ways of looking at something that's becoming increasingly common thanks to DVDs, DVRs, and online streaming. Is it a binge? An ugly, messy, yet addictive experience in consumption? Or is it a marathon? A long, arduous undertaking that you're proud of afterward? Netflix arguably shifted things further towards marathoning with the release of Arrested Development.

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    Nearly Three Years Later, It’s Finally Time to Understand Lost

    It's been nearly three years since we last loved, hated, and argued with our moms about Lost, but all that time still hasn't let the various plots and implications of the story sink in. Thanks to Santiago Ortiz, we have this interactive guide, complete with detailed map and index, of everything we could possibly want to know about Lost, and how it all relates to each other.

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    LOST Makes More Sense as a Point-and-Click Adventure Game

    Somewhere, in an alternate universe, J.J. Abrams doesn't make TV shows. He makes video games instead. There are definitely some things that our doplegangers are missing out on... (Zach Snyder tries to reboot Star Trek. Yikes.) It's not all bad, though: In the world where J.J. Abrams makes video games, then Lost obviously replaces The Secret of Monkey Island as the pinnacle of point-and-click adventure games.

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    The 14 Geekiest Beers the Free Market Has to Offer

    The history of beer is almost as old as human history, and it would be quite true to say that our love affair with the stuff has only grown with modern brewing practices. Given beer's pervasive place in human history, it's not surprising that the geeky pastimes of drinkers would eventually rub off on the beers themselves. The result is a veritable cornucopia of nerdy beers, from Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and a few others that fit in quite nicely with your nerdy lifestyle. Like Pizza Beer -- it's more efficient than eating both separately! So sit back, crack open a cold one, and enjoy this astounding and some times mouthwatering collection.

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    10 Terrifying Doors You Really Don’t Want to Open

    Static objects are fairly good at being ominous: A humanoid figure too far off in the distance to have any discernible features, or a lone gun sitting on a dresser. They're ominous because of the details the imagination fills in. Why is that humanoid just standing around all the way over there? Why do you have that gun sitting on the dresser in plain sight? For the details the imagination fills in, a door provides the biggest lack thereof, and thus provides a stomping ground for the most twisted, evil machinations your imagination can conjure. On top of that, they could be the portal to something even more terrifying and sinister than you could've thought, and after the break, we whipped up a list of the ten most terrifying doors in geekdom that are better left closed.

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    Lost, as the Star Wars Trilogy, in Poster Form

    Artist JJ Harrison loves Lost and he loves Star Wars. If you're uncertain of that, just take a look at the "about" page on his website where he is clearly wearing a Storm Trooper uniform with a Dharma logo. Anyway, this dual-chambered love affair eventually came to its logical conclusion when Harrison made three paintings inspired by the original Star Wars posters featuring the cast of Lost. It's a truly wonderful sight to behold. Read on after the break to see the posters full size.

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    This Unofficial LOST Playset Features the Swan Station in All Its Glory

    Just because LOST is over doesn't mean I need to accept it. Not when there are things like this incredibly detailed playset of the legendary Swan station (aka. The Hatch) complete with about a dozen custom action figures and two vehicles. The playset itself has everything you need to recreate most of season two, including the lock down map, some cool lighting effects, what appears to be some kind of sound system, and Dharma Initiative Composite Ranch Dressing!

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  11. Tech

    214-748-3647: The World’s Most Common Phone Number?

    No idea how accurate this account is, but it's too cool not to relate: According to a Computerworld article, 214-748-3647 is the most commonly recorded phone number. How is this possible, considering that most phone numbers are supposed to, well, correspond to just one phone? Per the article:
    Why? Because some programmer somewhere didn't learn his lesson from Y2K, and decided to store phone numbers as a single integer instead of a string of characters, but only used 32 bits and didn't check for overflow. So any time someone enters a phone number that's larger than 2147483647, the system stores it as that Dallas number. Somewhere in Dallas, some poor bastard is wondering why his phone rings off the hook with calls for the Nevada Division of Mental Health & Developmental Services, the Jackson County Florida Chamber of Commerce, a yacht club in New York.....
    'Course, there are a lot of area codes that correspond to bigger numbers than 214, so that would be quite a few overflows if this story is legit. (Computerworld via J-Walk Blog)

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    LOST Numbers Make Winners of Thousands of Mega Millions Players

    The big story of the day is that two tickets matched all six numbers in last night's Mega Millions drawing, making the owners of both tickets eligible to split a $355 million jackpot. But LOST fans may rejoice in the fact that if you played Hurley's numbers -- 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 -- in the Mega Millions sweepstakes, you're in for a small prize as well, as are thousands of other people, many of whom we're betting are LOST fans. The winning numbers for the lottery were 4, 8, 15, 25, 47, and Mega Ball 42, eerily similar to the LOST numbers already; more than 25,000 people who correctly picked three of the regular numbers plus the Mega Ball number (for LOSTies, 4, 8, 15, and 42), are eligible for a $150 prize. It's not Hurley's $114 million Mega Lotto jackpot, but it also hopefully doesn't come with all the weird unlucky paranormal stuff. (Damon Lindelof via io9; NPR)

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    The Year in Pirated Television: LOST Wins

    While the actual number of downloads has dropped, both LOST and Heroes topped the list of TV's most downloaded shows, proving that geeks watch the most popular sci-fi shows on TV, just not on the actual TV machine. Heroes had actually topped the list in 2009, but the media surrounding LOST's final season most likely drew more viewers than Heroes' cancellation. According to TorrentFreak, "the most downloaded episode of Heroes is still exceeding the average viewership on US television." Dexter, which moved up to third on the list, also experienced more downloads than TV viewers.

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    LOST Characters Versus Philosophers: Who Wins at Google?

    As any LOST fan is aware (hey, remember LOST?), the show is replete with philosophical references. But even though the philosophical references often have nothing to do with anything when you think about it, has the phenomenon that is LOST eclipsed the original philosophers in question? Self-described "wack-ademic and a designerd" Raynor Ganan conducted an informal little test: He did Google Image searches for "John Locke" and "Jeremy Bentham," both names assigned to Terry O'Quinn's bald-headed fella at various points in the series, and graphed the number of faces he saw for each result out of the first 100 faces displayed.

    As you can see from the above charts, LOST's John Locke beat out real John Locke, 57% to 34%; real Jeremy Bentham beat LOST Jeremy Bentham 69% to 27%. I'm a little surprised even by that, though. The "Jeremy Bentham" bit on LOST was, IMO, a kind of unnecessary plot twist-setup that occurred in the middle of the series and was subsequently dropped, and wasn't really the identifier with which we primarily associated O'Quinn's character; still, that was good enough for 27 Google results.

    When else has pop culture hijacked high culture?

    (The Ragbag via Urlesque Tumblr)

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    The Top TV Shows According to the Internet

    The most-beloved TV shows on the Internet comprise a very different list from the most popular shows on television. And that's probably a good thing: Mad Men, The Wire, and Arrested Development all break the top five, despite less-than-stellar ratings. But where are Firefly and Freaks and Geeks? List below:

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