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    What Is Star Wars Canon And What Isn’t? Lucasfilm and Disney Are On The Case

    Star Wars fans will be excited to know that Lucasfilm and Disney have convened a "Story Group" that'll be deciding whether Mara Jade characters from the expanded universe will be considered as official canon please say Mara Jade, and maybe even who might get to appear in future moviesMARA JADE OH MY GOD.

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    Disney Finally Kills LucasArts, Causes Wave After Wave of Misplaced Nostalgia

    It's finally happened. Disney has officially killed LucasArts. First things first: Let's not pretend that was anything but predictable. As unfortunate as it is that a number of people are now out of a job, this is something that pretty much anyone that's been following the internal development drama since LucasFilm was acquired should have expected. Still, it's sad to see something as legendary as LucasArts die.

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    Standalone Star Wars Films Really Happening, Prepare to Empty Your Wallet [UPDATE]

    The rumors floating around about a series of standalone Star Wars films have now been confirmed by Disney CEO Bob Iger: Yes, these are really, truly in development. Then again, of course there are standalone Star Wars films in the works. Disney owns both Lucasfilm and Marvel, and Marvel's been doing a smashing job with their movie lineup. It only makes sense that Disney, wanting the same success for Lucasfilm, would take the same approach with Star Wars. Let's all just pray they actually focus on good characters.

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    J.J. Abrams Reportedly Set to Direct Star Wars: Episode VII

    What once began as a mere geeky flight of fancy appears to have become a reality now that various sources are reporting that J.J. Abrams has been given the prestigious honor of directing the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. Although Abrams had initially said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he wouldn't take on the task of overseeing the cinematic future of George Lucas' influential science fiction epic, it looks as though the fan-favorite creative visionary isn't passing up the chance to guide the next chapter in the Star Wars mythology.

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    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Honest Trailer Reminds Us How Bad It Really Was

    Just when you thought our five-year nerd rage over the cinematic garbage that was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was finally beginning to simmer down, the avid film aficionados over at Screen Junkies have to reopen old wounds and throw in the salt with their latest Honest Trailer tearing apart the aforementioned rubbish blockbuster. Pointing out every single flaw -- which is a tad redundant since Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as a whole is a major flaw -- with keen observations that lay down the snark in spades, we're finding it difficult to laugh and control our seething anger at the same time. Damn that cheesy scene of Shia LeBeouf swinging with the monkeys to Hades! Damn it all!

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    We Might Possibly, Maybe, Get a Live-Action Star Wars Series on ABC

    Lucasfilm has been teasing us with a possible live-action Star Wars television series for so many years that it's difficult to even remember when the announcement was first made. What we do know, though, is that every time we're given a glimmer of hope, we always get the shaft and end up with something like Star Wars Detours. This string of disappointments may finally come to an end since it's been reported that ABC, which is a Walt Disney Company affiliate, is considering to at last bring the galaxy far, far away to the small screen.

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    Gotten Engaged George Lucas Has

    George Lucas has gotten engaged to longtime girlfriend Mellody Hobson. This answers the question of what Lucas plans to do now that he sold Lucasfilm to Disney. He donated all of that money to charity, which he seemed very happy to do at the time, but maybe now he wishes he only gave most of the money to charity. Weddings are expensive, especially when you have them on board a 1:1 scale replica of a Star Destroyer, which is where we assume the ceremony will be held.

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    Make the Worst Star Wars Movie Ever With The Star Wars Sequel Debacle Simulatron

    Star Wars fans really are an entertaining lot, what with their habit of proclaiming they can write something better when on the topic of the prequel trilogy and upcoming sequels. Now at last these delusional few can put their Republic credits where their mouth is, thanks to The Star Wars Sequel Debacle Simulatron: A game that accurately replicates every bad creative decision George Lucas has made since Episode I: The Phantom Menace. While we suppose you could stroke your ego and craft the greatest Star Wars film known to mankind, sometimes it's better to see just how low one can go in mutilating our nostalgia beyond all recognition.

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    Crystal Skullduggery: Lucasfilm Sued Over Infringing Use of the Relic in Indiana Jones Flick

    In yet another instance of absurd-sounding legal claims, archaeologist and director of the Institute of Archeology of Belize, Dr. Jaime Awe, has filed a lawsuit against Lucasfilm, its parent the Walt Disney Company, and film distributor Paramount Pictures for using a likeness of the crystal skull in the fourth and most recent Indiana Jones flick without formal consent from the government of Belize. Allegedly stolen by British explorer F.A. Mitchell-Hedges in the early 20th century, Awe is demanding that the relic be returned as well as asking to receive a cut of the film's profits.

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    Rumor: Disney’s in Talks to Buy Hasbro, Apparently Wants to Own Your Childhood Entirely

    Ever since Disney picked up Marvel back in 2009, rumors have run rampant as to what other companies they might gobble up. Until they grabbed Lucasfilm, all of this was just idle speculation, but now everything's back on the table. See, Lucasfilm marks the second incredibly high-profile acquisition that the animation kings have picked up just in the past three years. Word on the Internet is that they're not going to stop there. According to MTV Geek, Disney's in talks to buy Hasbro, which means they'd grab franchises like Transformers and bring products like Magic: the Gathering into the fold.

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    George Lucas to Use $4 Billion From Disney Sale Toward Funding Education

    Just two days ago, The Walt Disney Company announced they acquired Lucasfilm, and that the next Star Wars trilogy would begin in 2015 with Episode 7. The deal was said to cost $4.05 billion, a staggering sum of money that George Lucas plans to put toward funding education.

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    Disney Acquires Lucasfilm, Star Wars: Episode 7 Coming in 2015

    In news we didn't exactly see coming on the even of Halloween, NBA opening night, and the day after Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of New York and New Jersey, The Walt Disney Company just announced that they're set to acquire Lucasfilm, and that the next official Star Wars trilogy, starting with episode seven, is projected to kick off in 2015. Yes, you can now make the joke that Leia is a Disney princess.

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    How Pixar Bosses Saved Their Employees from Layoffs

    Today, Pixar may be a multibillion dollar company seemingly capable of doing no wrong in the box office, but in its early days as Lucasfilm's computer animation division, its future was far from certain. Indeed, in the mid-'80s, some at Lucasfilm doubted the value of computer animation, and the division faced deep layoffs. Then, its two heads, Alvy Ray Smith and Ed Catmull, saved it in a positively Pixaresque way. The Harvard Business Review recently spoke to 25+ year Pixar vet Craig Good, who recounted the remarkable story:

    [Lucasfilm president Doug] Norby was pressing Catmull and Smith to do some fairly deep layoffs. The two couldn't bring themselves to do it. Instead, Catmull tried to make a financial case for keeping his group intact, arguing that layoffs would only reduce the value of a unit that Lucasfilm could profitably sell ... But Norby was unmoved. As Craig tells it: "He was pestering Ed and Alvy for a list of names from the Computer Division to lay off, and Ed and Alvy kept blowing him off. Finally came the order: You will be in my office tomorrow morning at 9:00 with a list of names." So what did these two bosses do? "They showed up in his office at 9:00 and plunked down a list," Craig told me. "It had two names on it: Ed Catmull and Alvy Ray Smith."
    The gutsy move worked, and not a single employee of what would soon become Pixar was fired. Not long afterwards, Lucasfilm spun Pixar off as its own company under Catmull's and Smith's leadership, selling it to Steve Jobs for $5 million; two decades later, Disney would buy it for $7.4 billion. Related: Dealers of Lightning has the background on Smith's formative experience hanging around Xerox PARC in the early '70s, where he got to play with pioneering graphics program SuperPaint, and became convinced of computers' importance in the future of visual art. (Harvard Business Review via The Disney Blog. Title photo via Jim Hill Media, copyright Triad Publishing; left, Ed Catmull, right, Alvy Ray Smith)

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    Lucasfilm’s 2010 Christmas Card: Darth Vader Releases a Dove

    According to Rebel Scum, this is Lucasfilm's 2010 Christmas card. Is Vader releasing the dove as a ""symbol of peace and goodwill toward all humans and aliens alike," or sinisterly manipulating it using The Force? Let's hope it's the first. (Rebel Scum via TDW | Designer's page)

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    Laugh It Up, Fuzzball: Lucasfilm Sanctioned Star Wars Comedy Show in the Works

    According to the LA Times, anyway, which says that the company is working on an comedic animated series based in the Star Wars universe. This isn't the first time Lucasfilm has hinted at making a spin off series with a different tone from the movies, but it might be the first time that it actually succeeds. In addition to Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, the creators of Robot Chicken (known for their superb Robot Chicken Star Wars specials), Lucasfilm has also brought Brendan Hay, a Daily Show writer, in for the project.

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