lucid dreaming

  1. Science

    The Science Behind Lucid Dreaming [Video]

    Some of you may be able to wake yourself up from a dream right before all those alligators eat you, but you probably know someone who likes to brag about how they can control their dreams. They're lucid dreamers, and probably have much better nap times than the rest of us. This week, AsapSCIENCE is here to not only teach us about lucid dreams, but to teach us how we can practice to become lucid dreamers ourselves. It involves keeping a dream journal, but not necessarily talking to people at coffee shops about it or reading it onstage at an open mic night.

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  2. Tech

    DIY Lucid Dreaming Goggles Are A Dream Come True

    Not too long ago, a Kickstarter for lucid dreaming goggles started getting passed around the Internet. At $80 a pair, though, they're a little bit expensive, so why not make your own lucid dreaming goggles on the cheap? It's not very hard, as it turns out. Pretty much all you need to do is hook some LEDs to a pair of goggles, but I'm getting ahead of myself here.

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