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    Wonder Woman Getting a TV Show: Gee. Thanks.

    Both Deadline Hollywood and The Hollywood Reporter have some blockbuster geek news today: instead of making the long pre-production purgatory dwelling Wonder Woman movie, DC Entertainment is optioning a television show featuring the Amazonian princess, with David E. Kelley to write and produce. Aside from the sense of "Oh, good, somebody is going to do something with Wonder Woman," this tingles every last geek girl sense in my body. Nerdrage commencing in t-minus... now.

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    Why Fox News Really Should Be Angry About Wonder Woman

    Nationalism, it's just so cute and old fashioned, dontcha think? Right. So... Fox News is reporting about the Wonder Woman costume change, so that you can decide:
    Wonder Woman may have finally been given a pair of pants, but has she been stripped of her patriotism? The new and allegedly improved Wonder Woman (a.k.a Diana Prince), has been given a head-to-toe makeover by artist Jim Lee, replacing her signature American flag decorated briefs with skintight black pants and purging the super hero of all her trappings of Americana.
    You can see our reporting on the new costume, right here. Whether or not you decide anything from it is up to you. We don't want to pressure anyone. In the interest of proper comics education, we'd like to let Fox News know that they could have much better reasons to call Wonder Woman un-Patriotic (by their own definition) if they spent the time to find out more about her than what you get from watching the opening sequence from the Lynda Carter show.

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