1. Tech

    The iOS 7 Comes Out Today, So Here’s What You Can Expect To Change

    Good news for iPhone lovers, which we know a lot of you are -- iOS7 is supposed to be dropping today. Here's what you should do to prepare yourself for download, and some of the stuff you'll be able to do once you've got it on your phone.

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  2. Gaming

    Create Your Own Adventures in New Adventure Time Browser Game

    Ever wanted to play your very own BMO? Well too bad, but this new flash game on Cartoon Network's official website is the closest thing we're gonna get right now. It allows you to create your own little Adventure Time games that wouldn't be out of place next to Guardians of Sunshine and Bug Battle. Yes, you too can now make your own adventure for Finn and Jake to have. Don't worry, it's nothing like that one episode where they shipped the tiny versions of themselves.

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  3. Gaming

    Valve Strikes Back: You Could Be Able to Share Your Steam Library in the Future

    As if Gabe Newell had to do anything more with Steam for PC game players to consider him their benevolent overlord, there might be an amazing new feature coming to the service. Some code has been located in the most recent Steam beta that mentions a "shared library." That's right, you could potentially let your friends borrow your PC games in the future.

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  4. Gaming

    PSA: Torchlight Free at for 48 Hours

    In need of new dungeon crawler time sink? Don't like spending money? Then has something to scratch your itch. From now until Thursday, you can download the action-RPG Torchlight for free. The best part about this is that there's absolutely no catch -- all you have to do is sign up for a free account on There's no DRM to keep you from playing, either. That's because the whole point of the download is to promote the site's 2013 #noDRM Summer Sale.

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  5. Tech

    Mom Buys Her Son New iPhone, Channels Inner Moses and Presents Him with 18 iPhone Commandments

    All these Internet-enabled phones and other gadgets that seem to hit the market on a daily basis really are a double-edged sword. While we're connected to more people and places than we ever could have imagined and have more entertainment options than we probably need, this technology can sometimes cause us to become withdrawn or rely on it for otherwise simple tasks that we can easily do ourselves. As a result of this dilemma, parents can be understandably hesitant to purchase smartphones and the like for their children. Not wanting her child to become an unsocial techie, a woman named Janell Burley Hofmann bought her 13-year-old son Gregory an iPhone as a Christmas present. "Gee, thanks, Mom," you can hear little Gregory delightfully say, but that was before Mrs. Hofmann went biblical and blindsided her son with a litany of 18 commandment-like responsibilities to be mindful of now that he has a new phone, possibly resulting in a not so jolly Christmas morning for either of them.

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  6. Tech

    Orbitz Shows Mac Users More Expensive Hotel Rooms

    When you're cruising around the web, you usually don't devote much thought to what operating system you're on. As long as your browser is working fine, who cares? Orbitz cares, for one, and you might want to start caring too. Turns out Orbitz treats Mac and Window users differently; they show Mac users the more expensive rooms.

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  7. Tech

    Research Firm Says 1 in 5 Macs Contain Windows Malware, 1 in 36 Macs Contain Mac Malware

    If you can't go a day without bolstering your knowledge of malware prevalence, step out off that ledge, for Sophos has just the informational tidbits you've been seeking. Researchers at the firm have found that one in five Macs contain Windows malware, and one in thirty-six Macs contain Mac malware.

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  8. Tech

    And Just Like That, Another Mac OS X Trojan Found in the Wild

    Though Macs aren't exactly less vulnerable to viruses as Windows computers, they've always experienced less -- mostly because there were a lot less people using Macs, thus a lot less people making viruses to infect them. Not too long ago, news broke that a malicious OS X virus spread around the digital tubes, infecting over half a million computers. Now, only a little over a week later, we get news that another OSX Trojan is circulating around our digital domain.

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  9. Tech

    The Lion Has a Problem: Mac User Passwords Not So Secure

    So, you've just gotten your hands on Mac's newly released OS X Lion and you couldn't be more thrilled? Well, sorry to rain on your parade, but it would appear Apple has a problem. Not just a "well I don't like this one specific feature, blah, blah" problem, but an actual security flaw in the software that allows automatically stored passwords to be easily extracted from a sleeping computer. According to Passware, a software provider, the latest edition of their password cracking forensic suite Passware Kit Forensic v11 can extract Mac OS X Lion user login passwords from the computer's memory in a matter of minutes. The vulnerability occurs when the computer is in sleep mode. Passwords that are stored in the computer's memory can be extracted using Passware's software, which captures the computer's memory via a FireWire connection and thus the passwords.

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  10. Tech

    Apple Lures Back-To-School Shoppers With iTunes Gift Card

    For students headed back to school, particularly the college bound in the market for a new computer, Apple is poised to be the brand of choice. Apple's promotional Back-To-School campaign offers shoppers a $100 gift card for iTunes with the purchase of a new Mac, and its a pretty enticing incentive. Research firm Global Equities complied some statistics that show that approximately 80% of incoming students plan to go Apple. According to Global Equities, Apple's off to a strong start in the back-to-school market beating Microsoft 8 to 2. The data also show that more students enrolled in exclusively online universities, like Phoenix Online, choose Apple, which is an emerging trend. With a strong showing it seems that transitioning to the gift card from previous campaigns that included a free iPod hasn't hurt Apple. (via The Next Web)

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  11. Tech

    OS X Lion Allows Unauthorized Users to Boot Into Web Browser, is Neat

    A lot of exciting information about the next iteration of Apple's operating system, OS X Lion, was released during WWDC this year -- particularly that it will be available for only $29 -- but a neat feature that wasn't discussed in depth is that Lion will allow unauthorized users to boot into "browser only" mode. Dubbed "Restart to Safari," the mode will allow users to do exactly that, restart the computer into a mode that only provides access to the web browser and prevents users from having access to personal files.

    The mode is most likely intended for kiosks and schools, and it probably isn't 100% safe, as any hacker will say, the easiest way to gain unauthorized access to a computer is to actually have the computer in front of you, but for average computer users, the mode should keep personal files and settings safe.

    Lion is expected to hit during July, and only be available through the Mac App Store for the aforementioned $29 price tag.

    (via Mac Rumors)

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  12. Tech

    Everything You Wanted to Know About iOS 5 and OS X Lion

    Despite the breathless coverage we, and other outlets, have provided for iCloud, there were other things talked about during today WWDC 2011 keynote speech. Today, Apple outlined some key features we can expect to see in OS X Lion and iOS 5. Though iCloud will bridge iOS and OS X devices, those platforms are seeing some major changes in their own right. Read on after the break to see what changes we can expect in the latest versions of Apple's mobile and desktop operating systems.

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  13. Tech

    Mac People vs. PC People [Infographic]

    Macs! PCs! One of them is better than the other in some ways! (Awaits flamewar.)

    Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming: The folks at crowdsourced decision-making site Hunch have crunched the numbers on close to 400,000 participating users to paint differing portraits of Mac and PC users. Their results, assembled in the infographic below, back up some Mac/PC user stereotypes while upsetting others, though it's worth pointing out that being the sort of early-adopting hipcat who regularly uses Hunch may be a more salient characteristic than what kind of computer one uses to do it.

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  14. Tech

    An Update Is Available for Your Computer

    (Sticky Comics via UFUNK)

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  15. Tech

    Mac App Store Already Cracked

    One day after the launch of the Mac App Store, the above graphic--which can be seen on Apple's website--takes on a whole new meaning: The Mac App Store has been cracked, allowing users to pirate any app found in the store after installing a crack called "Kickback." Read on past the jump for details.

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