1. Weird

    Man Clinging to Hood of a Truck Politely Asks Other Driver to Call Police

    I've never been hit by a car, but I imagine it's a pretty stressful situation. I'm not sure I'd be able to stay as calm as this gentleman seems to be. According to the video, this man was hit by a rather large truck, and jumped on that truck's hood as it tried to flee the scene. Another driver pulls up alongside the truck, and the man politely asks the other driver to call the police. That's poise under pressure.

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  2. Entertainment

    Five Reasons We’re Pumped for a James Wan MacGyver Movie


    We've heard rumors about a MacGyver movie for a while now, but Variety is reporting that Saw director James Wan is in talks to direct the project. Wan might seem like an odd choice to take the helm of a MacGyver movie since the classic television show is about a pacifist trying to save the world through science and quick thinking, and not about gruesome murders and houses full of sadistic traps, but we have our reasons for thinking Wan is a great pick.

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  3. Entertainment

    Every Instance of MacGyver’s Craftiness, Compiled in One Place

    The folks at Fathom Info have taken it upon themselves to create MacRecipes, a comprehensive directory of every single one of MacGyver's hacks, tricks, and diversions over the course of all seven seasons of MacGyver.

    Have you ever wondered in how many different episodes MacGyver has made an arc welder (answer: 3 times in episodes 6, 52, and 87)? Or perhaps you forgot about your favorite episode (season 1, episode 12) when Mac escapes via a casket that transforms into a jetski. And how many times has Mac made a diversion? In order to placate all of your MacGyver-related curiosities, we offer you MacRecipes.
    You can browse by episode by clicking on any one of the boxes around MacGyver's head, or you can browse by ingredient by clicking on the red text that appears on the right-hand side of the recipes. A few important lessons learned: You can make a gun using a vacuum cleaner and blueberry preserves, cooking oil and furniture stuffing will do a fine job of incubating eagle eggs, and if you're ever locked in prison, all it takes is a kite and a lightning strike to blow open the cell door. (MacRecipes via FlowingData)

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