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    Mac Flashback Botnet Drops Under 30,000 Infected Computers, But More Trouble Could Be Coming [UPDATED]

    Earlier this month, the Mac community first became aware of Flashback (or Flashfake), a nasty piece of malware that used a Java exploit to turn infected computers into part of an ever-growing botnet. When its presence was announced, it was estimated to have infected over 600,000 computers. Now, thanks to quick action by Apple and security firms, the number of infected computers is estimated to be under 30,000. However, this probably marks the death of Mac's fictional invulnerability to malware and other digital nasties.

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  2. Tech

    Mac Botnet Has Infected Over Half a Million Computers

    For some, one of the reasons to get a Macintosh computer was that there were few nasty viruses or other malicious junk floating around that could affect your machine. However, this kind of attitude can only lead to trouble and now the Russian security company Doctor Web says that one particular trojan called Backdoor.Flashback.39 has infected over 550,000 Apple computers.

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    Give Your iPhone Some Retro Mac Style With Throwback Cases

    Sure, plenty of you out there got the iPhone because it's the hippest little device around, but I'm sure there are plenty of you devotees who have been with Apple way longer, maybe even from the start. If you're one of the latter, there's a righteous line of retro-Mac computer iPhone cases from Schreer Delights that you can pick up if you want flaunt that you loved Apple before it was cool.

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  4. Tech

    Was Apple’s Finder Icon Inspired by a Picasso Painting?

    From the start, Apple has been a company focused on design to a greater extent than most tech companies: While Steve Wozniak's groundbreaking architecture for the Apple II gave it an advantage over the other personal computers of the day, industrial designer Jerry Mannock's iconic beige case designs helped it and subsequent early Apple computers bridge the gap from hacker favorite to mass-market hit. And so it wouldn't be surprising, as Cattani Simone proposes, if Apple's Finder icon was influenced by Picasso's 1934 painting "Two Characters":

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    Mac OS X 10.6.3 Is Here: Third Update to Snow Leopard

    Windows users, UbuntuHeads -- feel free to skip this post. But our internal stats suggest that a fair number of our readers are Mac users, and you all may be interested to know that Apple has just released Mac OS X 10.6.3, the third update to their Snow Leopard operating system.

    Installation info and upgrade details after the jump:

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  6. Tech

    Rumor: New, Six-Core Mac Pro Coming Tuesday

    Apple loves making its buzzy tech announcements on Tuesday, and the latest round of rumors has it that this coming Tuesday is going to be a biggie for the desktop computing set: a new, revamped Mac Pro "hexacore" with six cores and a 3.33 GHz processor that can TurboBoost to 3.6 GHz.

    The current Mac Pro is a beastly powerful computer, and the rumored specs for the rumored new Mac Pro, which may or may not be announced on Tuesday, March 16, are more of the same.

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  7. Gaming

    Is Steam Coming to Mac?

    For some time now, Mac users -- while secure in the knowledge that they clearly have the best OS -- have looked on jealously as their PC-running counterparts took advantage of Valve Software's Steam, a content delivery system best known for games that has a huge library and regularly posts jaw-dropping deals. And Steam is no niche thing: Gamasutra reports that it had 25 million active members in 2009.

    But based on new, though not entirely bulletproof evidence -- some hidden icons on Steam downloads with "osx" in their name -- Steam just may be coming to Mac.

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