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    NASA and ESA Think This Distorted Galaxy Looks Like a Space Invader

    Personally, I think it looks more like Black Manta's helmet than a Space Invader, but this image of a spiral galaxy taken with the Hubble Space Telescope sure looks like something other than a spiral galaxy. That's because the light from the "Space Invader" galaxy is being bent around a galaxy cluster called Abell 68. The process by which this happens helps astronomers see much further into deep space, but often results in distortions, though this is the first time it's resulted in a video game reference that we know of.

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    Hubble Finds New Most Distant Object, Reminds Us the Universe is Still Enormous

    The Universe is crazy big, everybody. How big? So big that the Hubble Telescope just found a new candidate for the title of Most Distant Object in the Universe. That object is MACS0647-JD, a galaxy far, far away. It's so far away from us, in fact,  that we can't even measure the distance in lightyears. Instead, we have to measure it in redshift, and this galaxy's redshift goes all the way up to 11.

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