1. Gaming

    Think You Can Write About RPGs For Gygax Magazine? Here’s How To Prove It

    How many hit points does an ettin have? About 65 (in 3rd Edition) or 222 (in 4th), but the one on the cover of the first issue of Gygax magazine doesn't much care. If you're a gamer or fan of RPGs, you may have heard of this new magazine meant for gamers of all stripes -- and the spiritual successor to Kobold Quarterly. The first issue Gygax launched last month, went digital just over a week ago, but now the Gygax magazine website has relaunched with new info and submission guidelines. That's right, if you'd like to write for this old-yet-new-school gaming magazine, now you can.

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  2. Tech

    Entertainment Weekly Ad Includes Embedded Smartphone, Embraces Digital Age in a Weird Way

    What our magazines clearly need are more odd stunts that splice the technology of today with the archaic print model. That's obviously what Entertainment Weekly thought when they embedded a functional smartphone into their October 5th issue. The magazine includes an ad that shows live tweets from the @CW_network Twitter as well as clips of two shows from the network, The Arrow and Emily Owens, M.D. Turns out this digital tomfoolery required the base mechanics of an Android smartphone.

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  3. Gaming

    Report: Nintendo Power Will Cease Publication

    In case you hadn't noticed, the magazine industry isn't doing so hot. That's especially true for gaming magazines. Sure, Game Informer managed to move into the third most popular magazine in the United States, but there isn't another single one in the top 25. As times get tough, magazines that just can't cut it anymore close shop. That is allegedly what is happening to Nintendo Power, as Ars Technica is reporting that it will cease publication.

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  4. Tech

    To This Baby, a Magazine is a Broken iPad. This Holds Significance

    Submitted for your approval, a child introduced to the iPad at a young age, exposed to its various delights of  light and sound, unable to comprehend a magazine. The video shows that this 1-year-old baby, after being introduced to an iPad, has become trained by its (admittedly elegant) user interface to repeatedly try and use a glossy magazine the same way. Needless to say, it doesn't work.

    Of course, on one level this is cute, but on another, it could speak to the incredibly powerful way the technological innovations of the past 15 years or so will affect the next generation of human beings. We have generally thought of technology as being something hard to grasp and hard to teach, but this video seems to illustrate that that has fundamentally changed. Forever. Of course, as terrifyingly poetic as that explanation may seem, there's way more to it than that.

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  5. Tech

    Google’s Print Magazine Arrives In The US, But Not For Everyone

    Google has released the first US edition of its marketing magazine Think Quarterly. Print copies of the magazine will be sent to a limited number of businesspeople and executives through the mail. If you aren't lucky enough to be on Google's mailing list, never fear, you too can browse through the magazine, you'll just have to settle for the online version. The print edition is apparently pretty luxurious with a magnetic cover, heat-sensitive end paper, and a blue ribbon fastener. The magazine is essentially a very pretty advertisement for how wonderful Google is, with a feature story highlighting the positive work done at Google. In addition to several pages dominated by advertising executives, the magazine also has several essays on the future of the Internet and society.

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  6. Entertainment

    Report: Wizard Magazine Shuttered, Effective Immediately. UPDATE: Toyfare Too

    Often considered the go-to source for comic book news for the last two decades, Wizard Magazine is rumored to be shutting down its print operation effective immediately. First reported by Rich Johnston, a veteran reporter with Bleeding Cool News, the rumors of Wizard's shut down were swiftly followed by a press release from Wizard World, Wizard's parent company, announcing the creation of a new online-only publication. From the press release:

    Wizard World plans to launch in February 2011 an all-new digital magazine called ‘Wizard World’ that will appeal to pop-culture fans, the same audience to which Mr. Shamus has catered to, for over 20 years. Wizard World digital magazine will provide coverage of the world of comic books, toys and superheroes, and the personalities behind them.
    Wizard's website and comic conventions appear to be unaffected. With Wizard's passing goes the last print publication covering the comic book industry. Much of that coverage has since moved on-line, and other traditional news outlets like the New York Times have begun paying closer attention to comic books, which may be a contributing factor in Wizard's demise. However, the fact that print coverage of the industry is apparently unsustainable may have more serious implications for comic book publishers which still rely on print products. Update: Newsarama is now reporting that Toyfare will also be shutting down. This has been confirmed in an email from Wizard World PR, stating:
    Wizard Entertainment is ceasing publication of the print magazines Wizard and ToyFare.  Wizard World, Inc. will begin production of the online publication “Wizard World” beginning in February.   We feel this will allow us to reach an even wider audience in a format that is increasingly popular and more readily accessible.
    (via Bleeding Cool News, Newsarama)

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  7. Tech

    Chinese Tech Magazine Drops F-Bomb on Cover, Curses Out Major Chat Service

    Ah, the wonder of cultural differences. The front cover on today's China Computerworld (计算机世界) magazine issue certainly pulled no punches. Sensationally titled "'Dog-F**king' Tencent," the feature story is critique of the Internet giant which produces the Tencent QQ web portal and massively popular chat service. And that poor, scarf-wearing, puppy-eyed penguin bleeding profusely from knife wounds on the front cover? Why, who could that be but the adorable QQ mascot!

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  8. Gaming

    Still Skeptical About the World of Warcraft Magazine

    Ars Technica has a post up today on the arrival of the first issue of the official World of Warcraft magazine. It's a favorable account of its 144 pages of art and articles covering the topics of line of sight and loot sharing; interviews with Blizzard's CEO; and a feature retrospective. It all sounds well and good, but here's why we're still skeptical:

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