1. Gaming

    Even the Worst Pokémon (Magikarp) Could Totally Kill You [Video]

    Magikarp has long been one of the most useless Pokémon in the world, but some of its newer Pokédex entries suggest that it could wind up doing some serious damage—if only thanks to the laws of physics. There are plenty of Pokémon out there that could kill you without even noticing, but this has to be the most embarrassing.

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  2. Science

    Giant Goldfish Uses Invade Against Lake Tahoe! It’s Super Effective!

    Whenever a new species is introduced into an ecosystem it risks setting that ecosystem off balance, and that's why biologist Sudeep Chandra is worried about the increasing giant goldfish population of Lake Tahoe. The fish are not native to the lake, and could be competing with other species for food, and pooping so much that they are affecting the algae populations in the lake. The real fear of course is that the goldfish will master SPLASH and gain enough experience to eventually evolve into mighty Gyarados.

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  3. Gaming

    7 Wildly Masochistic Player-Devised Video Game Challenges [With Video]

    There's a sense of accomplishment to be had when you beat a level in a game, or when you beat a game entirely. You've conquered the obstacles placed in front of you by the game's creators and lived to tell about it. But sometimes, overcoming those challenges isn't enough. Sometimes, you need to take things to the next level yourself, by devising the most inane, awkward, and just plain silly challenges conceivable. Here are seven of our favorites:

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