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  1. Science

    What Do You Really Know About The Seahorse? Here are Some Facts [Video]

    From YouTube's own Ze Frank -- who brought us last week's revealing True Facts About Morgan Freeman -- comes a miniature nature special that is tailor-made for killing some time while acting like you're hard at work on a Friday afternoon. Get ready to learn some True Facts About The Seahorse, everyone -- it's all moonlight romance and ovipositors and egg-carrying underwater males from here on out, and we think you'll enjoy it.

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  2. Weird

    Killer Whales Cared for by Mom Well Into 30s; Research Into Their Comic Book Collections Ongoing

    Despite their (largely deserved) reputation as merciless hunters and place as one of the apex predators in the world, male orcas, or killer whales, live with and depend on their mothers well into adulthood. A study published this week in the journal Science suggests that this dependence may be the reason behind the surprisingly long menopause experienced by most female orcas. Female killer whales are known to live into their 90s, but are usually done having children in their 30s. It appears the impetus behind that is to get the breeding out of the way early, so they can spend the rest of their lives caring for their sons, whose dads, occasional girlfriends, and bosses at the call center perpetually just don't get them.

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