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    Super Smash Bros. in Real Life Is Surprisingly Gritty

    The folks over at De-Pixelated have brought live action to perhaps the world's most cutesy fighting game, re-imagining Super Smash Bros. as a no-holds-barred brawl between Mario and Luigi, which really captures some of the bad blood that has to exist in that relationship. Because, hey, sometimes brothers fight. And as anyone with a brother will tell you, it's not all Pokeballs and cartoon hammers. Mostly it's just thumbs to the eye and cheap shots you'll hear about at every holiday dinner for the rest of your life.

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    Watch in Rapt Amazement as a Beautiful Chalk Mario Takes Shape [Video]

    You've no doubt seen amazing chalk drawings that are so exacting in their geometric precision that they actually appear to pop (or plummet) from the pavement. While these are obviously labors of love, this time-lapse video of artist Chris Carlson creating a 3D Mario piece is stunning. Especially how much time he spends on the D-pad alone. Marvelous.

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    Super Modern Mario Bros Brings Gibs to Goomba-Stompin’ [Video]

    Sure, it's not a real trailer, and the gore is totally uncalled for, but something about Super Modern Mario Bros. still seems ever-so-slightly more intruging than the new New Super Mario Brothers games. If nothing else, it has a much better name.

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    A 250 Square Foot Glowing Mario Night Kite

    If you were looking for a cool do-it-yourself project that involved showing off whatever you made to everyone in the local area by sending the project 1,000 feet up into the night sky, Mark Rober has you covered with this sweet Mario night kite.

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    Mario Fish Tank Is The Best Water Level Ever

    Who says water levels have to suck? In an attempt to build the world's coolest fish tank and the world's least annoying water level, Cedrick Bearss constructed an abbreviated version of Super Mario Bros. iconic world 1-1 inside a 55 gallon fish tank. Of course, the whole scene is a snapshot, with Mario, the goomba, and the mushroom frozen in place, but even so, it's a fantastically creative tribute to a great game and tons of fun for the fish, that is, to whatever extent fish can have fun. All told, it's the best water level I've ever seen, mostly because you don't have to play it. Check out a video and some build photos below.

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    Even in Papercraft Animation, Mario Still Can’t Hit the Top of the Flagpole [Video]

    A project for YouTube user ConnorRWilson's high school computer class, this papercraft, stop motion Mario animation depicts the iconic World 1-1. It looks like the "player" is going for a speedrun more than anything, but still manages to nab the 1-Up mushroom. Like all good Mario depictions, even this papercraft Mario messes up the flagpole jump.

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    Today is a Certain Day, and This Pipe is From a Certain Iconic Geek Culture Institution

    Because today is a certain day that you may or may not observe, but you probably like neat Mario art year round, here’s this glass Piranha Plant pipe. Best of all, it’s an Etsy product (because of course it’d be), so you can purchase one for your collection of either pipes or Piranha Plant paraphernalia. [...]

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    15 Terrific Pixel Art Soda Displays

    When I did my time in the stockroom at a grocery store, we devoted our "free time" to such admirable pursuits as sleeping in the storage trailers or hanging out in the ice cream freezer, eating out of the damage bins. Apparently other wage-slaves feel better if they waste their time on something that at least looks cool, like turning soda displays into walls of pixel art. Naturally, the form lends itself to video game homages (particularly Mario homages), but you might be surprised at the breadth of the art form. Don't believe me? Check out this collection of 15 notable examples.

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    Handmade Mario Clock with Goomba Pendulum Makes a Faux Pas

    At a glance, this 8-bit Mario clock seems pretty cool, it has a Goomba pendulum that swings back and forth like a pendulum should, simulating Mario jumping over it. Upon further inspection, I mean, go ahead and inspect it further. The Goomba sure looks like it is doubling as something else. Other than that, the clock is pretty sweet, and what do you know, you can shell out $60 (an extra $10 for shipping) and buy it off purveyor of weird things, Etsy. Hurry up though, as of this post, there is only one left!

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    Freddie Wong Attempts to Master the Power of the Fire Flower, Hilarity Ensues [Video]

    You didn't think that could have ended well, did you?

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    Question Mark Block Lamp Doesn’t Generate Coins or Mushrooms, Still Cool

    You ever have the urge to just punch your bedside lamp? Well, if that's a problem for you, you might not want to get this Mario Question Mark Block lamp, which makes that urge all the stronger. Unlike in the game, you won't get any money or mutant, oversized, and possibly toxic mushrooms out of it, but you may get a few splinters. If you can manage to not jump and upper-cut it from underneath, however, your room can get +10 swagger.

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    Bamboo Mario Magnets are Classy, Expensive, Limitedly Available

    These Mario magnets are made of bamboo, classing up the game featuring a plumber that murders animal-like things by jumping on them with his butt. The magnet set contains 48 pieces, including a castle, so happy purchasers can build their very own static Mario level on their refrigerator. The magnets are made with natural bamboo and strong neodymium magnets. Upon purchase, Etsy shop owner Travis Chen will create and include one custom Mario power-up of your choosing. Head on past the break for more pictures of the set, as well as what is actually included.

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    Mario Opera Makes a Classic More Classy [Video]

    There is a Spider-Man musical, so why not a Mario opera, right? Get ready for a big surprise: The Mario opera is actually really good. Okay, so it might be a stretch to call this one song in a stereotypical opera style -- and a stereotypical Italian accent -- an "opera," but it's not a stretch to call it awesome. The song is courtesy of legolambs, a YouTube channel devoted to pop culture musicals and run by Jon and Al Kaplan. Check it out. It's a terrific way to spend 2:49 minutes and justify calling a huge part of your childhood "high culture."

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    PETA Wants Mario to Get Rid of the Tanooki Suit Because It Is Fur

    It looks like PETA is aiming their wrath cannon at video games once again, but instead of a relatively small developer like Team Meat, they've walked over the floating icon box, reloaded their cannon, and pressed the B trigger at Nintendo. PETA claims that when Mario puts on the Tanooki suit, rather than gaining the ability to turn into a statue, he gains the ability to support wearing fur. Like PETA did with Team Meat when they made Super Tofu Boy, they also made a game in response to the decades-old Tanooki suit, called Super Tanooki Skin 2D.

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    Side-Scrolling Game is Played in a Cardboard Box, Recalls a Past that Never Existed

    Remember the old days, before TVs, when you used to have to play all your side-scrolling games in a cardboard box? Of course you don't. But now, thanks to Teague Labs, you can get an idea of what that would have been like. The concept of the game is simple; you turn a dial to move Mario up and down, avoiding Goombas and pipes that scroll across the "screen." Since the game is limited to one scroll of baddie placement, the speed gradually increase to up the challenge.

    The game works by having Mario hover slightly above the scrolling background with a magnetic detector strapped to his back. The baddies and obstacles, on the other hand, are magnets. You can probably see where this is going. The game was built with a teagueduino kit, a product that is intended to make programming and electronics easy to figure out for the curious but unfamiliar. The code for the game itself is open source and can be found

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