1. Space

    Still Not Aliens: NASA Says That Flash of Light Seen by Curiosity Rover Isn’t What UFO Speculators Think It Is

    The above image is making it's way around UFO sites and news outlets alike. It's a photo taken by the Mars Curiosity rover on April 3rd, and it doesn't show aliens. Relax, Internet.

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  2. Space

    Health Risks Of Mars Mission May Be Unethical, Exceed NASA’s Capabilities

    NASA wants to send a mission to Mars by 2030--but first they asked the Institute of Medicine to analyze the health risks and ensuing ethics of sending humans deeper into space than ever before. According to a new report today from a panel of medical experts, it looks like my Mars Colony fantasies may be compromised.

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  3. Space

    This Is the Beep the Curiosity Rover Sends NASA Everyday So They Know She’s Okay

    This picture from Bobak Ferdowsi's Instagram account shows the waveform of the status beep that Curiosity sends back to Earth from the surface of Mars to let NASA and Ferdowsi know she's doing fine.

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  4. Space

    What Happens When You Break Your Leg During An EVA On Mars? [VIDEO]

    Imagine this: you're part of one of the first-ever manned missions to Mars, exploring Martian soil, when suddenly - you trip. Your leg is broken, and you can't make it back to base. What do you do? MarsCrew134 simulated this exact scenario here on Earth to work out the gritty details.

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  5. Space

    NASA Has Cracked The Mars-Rock Case

    Well, folks, that's all she wrote. After weeks of speculation over the mysterious jelly doughnut rock that appeared in front of the Mars Opportunity rover--prompting speculation and even a lawsuit--the Space Squad at NASA say they finally have an explanation for the rock's origins. Spoiler alert: not aliens.

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  6. Space

    The Possible Water Flows on Mars Are Nothing New, Chill, Internet

    NASA's Mars orbiting spacecraft have sent some new information about the dark streaks, or recurring slope lineae (RSL), on the surface of Mars, and people have gotten a little excited, because water on Mars could mean life on Mars. If you got out your alien party hat, you're a bit late, because the RSL were first announced in 2011.

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  7. Space

    The Curiosity Rover Snapped Its First Picture of Earth and Safely Crossed Into the Dingo Gap

    The Curiosity rover is a long way from home, boys and girls, and this shot of what the Earth looks like from where it is on Mars is a reminder of just how far that is. Across the cold, empty reaches of space, the rover has taken a picture of the home of all seven billion humans, and it looks like just a tiny speck.

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  8. Space

    Curiosity Rover May Risk Life In Dangerous “Dingo Gap”

    This week NASA is deliberating sending their Curiosity rover on an expedition into Dingo Gap- a mission that they admit could bring an end to Curiosity's quest for knowledge, and leaving her to die a lonely death far from our comforting embrace.

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  9. Space

    William Shatner Thinks Martians Might Be Throwing Rocks At Our Rover

    The case of the jelly-doughnut rock on Mars is still being cracked, and at a NASA panel reflecting on the Rovers' accomplishments, it was revealed that even late-to-the-game William Shatner thinks Martians might be behind the mysteriously composed rock.

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  10. Space

    Mars Colony May Be Built From Bacteria And Astronaut Pee

    Obviously we're all hoping that at some point in the future there will be a colony on Mars we can visit in the interests of crazy spring break parties scientific advancement. But would you still want to visit if the Mars Colony was made of bacteria and astronaut pee?

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  11. Space

    Watch NASA’s Mars News Briefing Live Right Now

    Learn all about what's going on with Mars and NASA's Mars rovers right from scientists thanks to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Sorry. Still no aliens.

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  12. Space

    Scientists Say Mysterious Mars Rock Has Bizarre Chemical Composition

    Stop the presses! There's a new development in the ongoing investigation into the mystery jelly doughnut rock on Mars! Scientists now say that the rock, which they're calling Pinnacle Island, has a baffling chemical composition unlike anything ever seen on the Red Planet before. But still nothing about aliens. I mean, nothing much.

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  13. Space

    Just Because a Mysterious Rock Appeared on Mars Doesn’t Mean You Get to Be Excited

    A mysterious rock has appeared in front of a stationary Mars Rover, and no, it wasn't left by aliens. Yeah, we're bummed about it, too.

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  14. Science

    Mars Mock Mission Maybe Not As Cool As The Real Thing, But Still Awesome/Cold

    Lots of people go to Aruba or Florida to escape the winter blues, but a team of six scientists are spending this January trying to recreate life in one of the coldest environments imaginable. No, not the inside of our jaded hearts-Mars.

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  15. Science

    Hey, It Got as Cold as Mars in Canada, so Living in Canada Makes You Pretty Much Amazing

    Hey, did you know there's a vast, uninhabitable, frigid land ready to be explored if we only look up? No, not up to outer space and Mars. Up north, to Canada. Yup. Our northern neighbors recently found out what it's like to live on the surface of Mars (kind of) as temperatures plummeted to the same levels the curiosity rover braves on Mars.

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