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    Comics to Read After Last Night’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode “Yes Men”

    Lady Sif and Lorelei showed up on SHIELD last night to kick ass and take names. If you're not as familiar with Lorelei as you'd like to be we have some comic book recommendations for you.

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    New Thor: The Dark World Trailer Released, Has a Bunch More Violence [Video]

    The new Thor: The Dark World trailer from San Diego Comic Con is out in time for Geek Week, and so far the film appears to benefit greatly from Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor's deft hand. Regardless of what you thought about the previous Thor movie, this one seems like it's going to ramp the action up a notch.

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    Check Out Patton Oswalt’s Animated Parks and Rec Filibuster [Video]

    What's better than seeing Patton Oswalt's stunning eight minute pitch for a Star Wars/Marvel Universe/Clash of the Titans film franchise crossover? Seeing it animated for the Nerdist Youtube channel by Daniel Spellman in honor of Geek Week. This is everything I ever wanted in anything.

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    Stan Lee Creates a YouTube Account to say “Get Well Soon” to Shooting Victim

    Stan Lee, creator of Marvel Comics and hero to many, went out of his way to send a special message to one of his fans. Bowe Cleveland was shot in the Taft Union High School shooting on January 10th. When Lee found out Bowe was a huge Marvel fan, he took to YouTube, created an account, and recorded this message. Besides the message, Lee also sent Cleveland signed posters and comics, and assured him that if he needs anything he should just yell "Avengers assemble!" Stan Lee is a wonderful, wonderful man.

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    Prep Yourself for the Release of Superior Spider-Man #1 With 50 Years of Trivia [Video]

    Whether you gracefully accepted it as the next bold step in the hero's storied legacy or drove yourself to giving up on reading anything from Marvel Comics forever -- which really translates to about two weeks, let's not kid ourselves -- there's no denying that the upcoming transition of the role of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is a historic milestone for the web-slinger, with the new Spider-Man's madcap adventures in altruism starting tomorrow in Superior Spider-Man #1. As is the case with the renumbering of any comic series featuring a popular character, people who don't typically pick up funny books will fight inhibition and see what all the geeky hubbub is about, even if they're not up on the years of complex continuity. In an effort to save these valiant few the time spent reading back issues and collected editions, the fine folks at ComicVine have together a nifty video highlighting the important moments of Spider-Man and a certain villain's 50-year conflict that led to the controversial change in direction.

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    7 Comic Book Characters You Would Not Want to See on 12/21/12

    Well, boys and girls, it looks like the time has finally come: Today's the day mankind bids farewell to its existence and says a hearty hello to the feathered serpent god, Kukulkan, as he finally returns to our earthly plane. Even as we stare into the face of our imminent destruction, be thankful that we don't live in the fictitious realms of comic books. Why? Because if we did, every single day would feel like the apocalypse, what with so many intergalactic warlords, omnipotent entities, and cataclysms from the depths of space and beyond laying waste to Earth. If beings like that were tearing things up right here, right now, 12/21/12 truly would be a day to remember. On that note, here's seven comic book characters you wouldn't want to see on December 21st -- though your efforts to hide would prove futile!

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    Who Knew the X-Men Cartoon Intro Was So Much Better in Stop Motion? [Video]

    We all have that one moment in our childhood when we "borrowed" our parents camcorder for the afternoon and attempted to make a stop motion masterpiece with the action figures we had lying around. But chances are the final product was, well, nothing short of absolute rubbish, with the camcorder always ending up broken somehow -- no matter how hard we tried to prevent that from happening. If its any consolation, stop motion animator Kyle Roberts has recreated the intro of the incomparable X-Men cartoon series from the '90s entirely from his collection of Marvel Legends figures, showing us all what could have been. Suffice it say that it's better than anything we filmed in the garage.

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    A Disturbance in the Force: Marvel to Acquire Star Wars License From Dark Horse

    It was the question that was on every comic book fan's mind the moment Disney purchased Lucasfilm for a whopping $4 billion dollars, "What about Dark Horse Comics?" Since 1991, the publisher has been churning out all manner of Star Wars comics, expanding the mythos laid out by the original film trilogy, but now that Disney has both Marvel Comics and Lucasfilm in its pocket, it was inevitable that the license to the galaxy far, far away would end up in the hands of the House of Ideas at some point. Enjoy Dark Horse's handling of Star Wars comics while it lasts, because after 2013, Marvel will be riding the Millennium Falcon all the way to the bank.

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    Outraged Fans Threaten the Life of Amazing Spider-Man Writer Dan Slott on Twitter

    We've all had that feeling of nerd rage at some point in our lives, though the exact extent of this ire varies from person to person. The common denominator among these moments of displeasure is that they've always been triggered by things such as changes to a particular continuity's status quo or a company's mishandling of a beloved intellectual property. While we're entitled to our opinions, there is such a thing as going too far in expressing them. Such was the case when irate fans took to Twitter and began threatening Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott over the series' final storyline in issue #700. At this point, however, calling this nerd rage is a large understatement.

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    One of Four Marvel Superheroines Will Allegedly Contract Cancer in Upcoming Storyline

    Marvel fans on top of their weekly comic book reading know that the publisher has been working hand-in-hand with Susan G. Komen for the Cure to promote breast cancer awareness in both men and women through variant covers -- featuring various heroes and heroines showing their support by donning pink -- and Captain and Iron Man discussing the importance of awareness and the foundation's mission in a full page ad. Continuing this partnership, Marvel allegedly has plans to craft an in-continuity storyline centered around a Marvel heroine contracting cancer. There is no official word at this time as to which one it will be, but Bleeding Cool says currently has four lined up to keep fans guessing.

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  11. Weird

    Man Stabs Cousin to Death With Scissors Over Broken Marvel Glass, Alcohol Unsurprisingly Involved

    As it happens, collectors take whatever doodads they've decided to squirrel away rather seriously. These habits range in description from idle passion to dangerous obsession. Granted, Beanie Babies don't often cause fistfights these days, but that doesn't mean they couldn't. Things get even more serious if these collectibles happen to be fragile. A fight this past Wednesday took a dark turn when a man allegedly stabbed his cousin to death with scissors following the destruction of one of his Marvel Comics glasses. The two were, of course, drinking at the time.

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    Mourn Hostess Properly With These 11 Hilarious Marvel Comics Advertisements

    Whether it's due to crippling mismanagement or labor strikes, the fact of the matter is that Hostess is winding down its operations. Their brands are for sale, which could mean we'll see Twinkies once again produced outside of Canada, but the company as it exists in the United States is going away. Back in the day, the company took out a series of hilarious advertisements within the pages of Marvel Comics, and we've collected our 11 favorite ads to pay our respects. Hit the jump to check them out.

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    Stan Lee Might Have, Maybe, Confirmed a Doctor Strange Movie’s Definitely Happening

    Stan Lee might be the most well-known name in comics, but that doesn't mean he hasn't made mistakes in the past. When it comes to the Marvel movies, he's good for a cameo and executive producer credit, but he's not really all that involved in the production. So, when we say that Mr. Lee might have just outed a Doctor Strange movie as definitely happening, it's important to absorb that news with a grain of salt. Once you've done that, feel free to squee.

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    Marvel Celebrates NFL Career of Brian “Weapon X” Dawkins, Makes Him Wolverine

    Brian "Weapon X" Dawkins is hanging up his jersey this weekend after 16 years in the NFL. This is a pretty standard practice, but Dawkins has been anything but standard on the field. To commemorate this somber occasion, Marvel will actually be handing out a custom poster by Jorge Molina of the well-known Philadelphia Eagles safety depicted as if he were actually Wolverine.

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    Marvel Says That For Tax Purposes, All Mutants Are Not Human

    While Marvel's mutants carry on a fictional struggle for personal and public acceptance, it seems the issue of whether or not mutants are human is a done deal for Marvel. However, it's not so much an issue of ethics, but something far, far more compelling: Tax law.

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