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    Super Smash Wars 3: Return of the Hero Part One Is the Best of Two Worlds

    We've written about a few of James Farr's brilliant mashup cartoons in the past, and I think every time we say that the one we're writing about is our new favorite one, but this is our new favorite one. Farr's back with another installment of his Super Smash Wars series combining Nintendo and Star Wars. A+, Mr. Farr.

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    Here’s the Greatest Watchmen/SpongeBob Mashup You Never Knew You Needed [Video]

    I really love the juxtaposition here between the deliberately weighty Watchmen and the deliberately nonsensical SpongeBob universe, but who even cares? Patrick is the Comedian, Spongebob is Rorschach, Gary is Doc Manhattan, and all of the SpongeBob/Watchmen crossover humor is just somehow perfect. The rest of your day is all downhill from here.

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    It Turns out That Really Great Doctor Who Animation Makes a Nice Mashup With “Take on Me” [Video]

    Not long ago, we were super excited (not crying at all) about a really well done Doctor Who tribute animation. Then, we spent a whole bunch of time laughing about what happened when our own Victoria McNally put it through a YouTube mashup generator (mute the left video) with A-ha's "Take on Me." Turns out, she wasn't the only one with that idea.

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    Somebody Mashed Up The Room With Friends And It’s Wonderful

    Watching this The Room parody title sequence without having watched The Room will probably make a person think that it's a totally normal, friendly romantic comedy. It is not. It is actually bonkers masterpiece of awful cinema, which is what makes this Friends mashup so wonderfully, surreally perfect.

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    An Animated Star Wars/Nintendo Mashup Is Exactly as Amazing as You’d Expect [Video]

    Congratulations, Internet. You've finally achieved your destiny. That destiny, of course, is bringing together the Nintendo universe and Star Wars to create eight minutes of pure bliss. Seriously, if you could squeeze our minds until our memories started pouring out, we're pretty sure this mashup is what would come out.

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    Street Fighter vs. Plants vs. Zombies, The Best Mashup You Didn’t Even Know You Wanted

    Nick Vaughn is a YouTuber who edits together games to square off against each other. His channel is pretty great. Vaughn's latest effort is Street Fighter vs. Plants vs. Zombies. It doesn't end well for the zombies. Hadouken!

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    When You Cross Ninja Turtles and Super Mario You Get Teenage Mutant Koopa Troopas, and It’s Great

    YouTuber James Farr has taken two beloved franchises and put them together in this lovely animation. By combining Super Mario Bros. with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Farr gives us a look at something like the alternate 1985 from Back to the Future II, but with less gambling and fewer mommy issues.

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    Watch Thorested Development Work Out Some Asgardian Family Issues [VIDEO]

    And now the story of the Internet doing another awesome and perfectly appropriate mashup. It's Thorested Development.

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    Arnold Gets Replaced With Woody Allen in This Terminator/Sleeper Mashup [Video]

    YouTube user OneMinuteGalactica made this video for the Slacktory channel, and it takes the audio from the original Terminator trailer, but replaces it with footage from the bizarre Woody Allen film Sleeper. That's brilliant. We've posted a few of these kind of mashups before, and they're all great, or we wouldn't waste your time with them, but really -- Sleeper/Terminator? That's genius. Now I have to go home and see if I can sync the full movies up like Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz.

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    These Pop Culture and Video Game Mashup Posters Are Almost Too Much to Handle

    If there's anyone better at mashing things together than Butcher Billy, I'm almost afraid to hear about them, because this is about as much awesome as I can stand. In his latest round of mashups, Billy pulled from a lot of different sources. Each one is centered on a video game, but some include actors while others include musicians, movies, or albums. They're all tremendous.

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    Cookie Monster + Tom Waits Mashup. Yeah, You Read That Right. [Video]

    Someone on this great wide Internet of ours made the following observation: "Tom Waits sometimes sounds eerily like Cookie Monster. Not that I mind!" Thus, the above video was born. Personally, I don't think the two sound much alike at all. For me, the pure joy of this video is watching the happiness of Sesame Street collide head-on with Tom Waits' nihilistic anthem "God's Away on Business." It's just too wonderful. (via Video Gum)

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    The Lady Gaga-Judas Priest Mashup [Video]

    Lady Gaga, meet the real Judas. Judas Priest, of course. When Lady Gaga released her second single "Judas" off the album Born This Way this past May, it was only a matter of time before someone combined the pop superstar's song with the music of metal legends Judas Priest. Wax Audio did just that, mixing "Judas" with Judas Priest's "Painkiller," to create the impressive mash up "Lady Judas."

    (via Laughing Squid)

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    Darth Bieber [Video]

    Join me, and we can rule the galaxy as father and son! Baby. (Via The High Definite)

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    Anime Opening Credits are All the Same [Video]

    Derek Lieu created this mashup of a staggeringly large amount of popular anime shows to show anime opening credits are basically all the same.

    An explanation found on Derek's YouTube post:

    It's always amused me the repeated imagery that exist in anime opening credit sequences. This video doesn't cover them all, but it has a lot of the big ones. Interesting thing I learned, if a character is running it's overwhelmingly to the left of the screen.

    I first started thinking about this years ago when I saw the X-Men intro that they made in Japan to replace the American one. The part that especially hit home was Wolverine, and Cyclops standing on some nondescript land mass. For this I used only textless credits I found on Youtube (with the exception of Evangelion). So if your favorite anime isn't in here either there was no textless version or it had a pretty unique opening sequence.

    Below, a list of all of the anime used in the video:

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