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    “Blink To The Future” Is The Doctor Who/Back To The Future Mash-Up You Never Knew You Needed

    James Farr - the same guy who's making those incredible Star Wars/Nintendo mash-ups we've been bringing you - has created the best Saturday Morning Cartoon ever: a timey-wimey gigawatty blast where Doctor Who meets Back To The Future. Basically, Rory is Marty McFly and the TARDIS gets DeLorean'd.

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    We’re Uncomfortable With How Well This Mashup of The Ring and Seinfeld Works [Video]

    The people who brought you Game of Thrones Meets Seinfeld and Breaking Bad meets Seinfeld are at it again, this time with a few choice scenes from The Ring set to the now infamous bassline and laugh track. Was The Ring actually this funny? All we remember is the creepy black haired chick.

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    Harry Potter Mashed Up With Mean Girls Is The Best Thing Ever

    If there's one thing we know about people of our generation, it's this: they really like Harry Potter, Mean Girl, and references to one or either of those things. Well, here you go, fellow disenfranchised millennials. Here are all the things you like.

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    The Inevitable Darth Vader/Breaking Bad Mashup Has Arrived and It Is Glorious

    Sure, as Heisenberg, Walter White strikes fear into the hearts of drug dealers everywhere. But take away the black headgear and he's really just a sad old white dude with a bald head and a lung problem. Wait a second... does that sound familiar to you? Because I'm getting Return of the Jedi flashbacks right now.

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  5. Entertainment

    See Walter White Sing Sinatra’s “My Way” [Video]

    We're so very close to the return of Breaking Bad, and we're really excited about it. That's one of the reasons we love this mashup of Walter White singing Frank Sinatra's "My Way." The other reason is that it's wonderful.

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  6. Entertainment

    Warp Drive to the Danger Zone With This Star Trek/Archer Mashup [Video]

    There's just something about the oddly modern '60s vibe of Archer that makes it really compelling even without the amazing jokes and hilarious characters. Hmm, modern and yet '60s, why does that sound familiar... possibly because that's also what the original series of Star Trek and, by extension, the animated cartoon is like? That's what the creators of this Starcher Trek video probably thought. They are my new best friends, because this is genius.

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  7. Gaming

    2 Mello Releases Nas/Castlevania Mashup Album Nastlevania

    Can we agree that music mashups are the best? You know, when they're done right  -- and I think we can all agree that 2 Mello, the guy who brought you that mashup of Jay-Z and Chrono Trigger back in March, is definitely doing if right. Now he's at it again, this time combining Nas and the Castlevania series to bring you... well, Nastlevania. You should give it a listen for that pun alone.

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  8. Entertainment

    We’re in Lesbians With This The Last of Us/Scott Pilgrim Mashup Poster

    I've been thinking about getting the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic game The Last of Us for a couple of days now, but now I know I'm getting it. Apparently all I need to be interested enough to buy a thing is for someone to explain it to me in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World references. Luckily Reddit user philtomato is looking out for the Pilgrim-obsessed people like me and put out this spectacular "Joel and Ellie vs. The World" mashup poster. Yes. Yes, this pleases me.

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  9. Entertainment

    Monsters University Trailer Mashed Up With Revenge of the Nerds Makes Us Wish Mike and Sulley Were Tri-Lambs

    With the release of Monsters University approaching. It looks pretty great, and has us all thinking about other great college movies. Obviously the greatest college movie of all time ever in the whole entire world is Revenge of the Nerds, which is why this trailer by Lance Ford that smashes the two together is so perfect. It puts Nerds clips over Monsters audio, and it's wonderful.

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  10. Entertainment

    This Parody Video Makes Us Want a Real LEGO Breaking Bad Video Game

    Breaking Bad is one of the best shows on television, and LEGO is one of the best toy/entertainment companies around. It's pretty obvious why we love this mashup of the two by Brian Anderson. It combines all the charm and fun of LEGO with all of the meth and violence of Breaking Bad. The video warns that it has spoilers for seasons one through four, but if you listened to the first episode of the Geekosystem podcast, you'll know that I think that's your own problem at this point.

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  11. Entertainment

    Mashup Puts Star Wars and Jurassic Park Together at Last

    I seriously don't know what we'd do without YouTube-hosted pop culture mashups. We need them to help offset all the nefarious uses people have created with the Internet (malware, porn, etc.). So thank the stars we have videos like this one -- "Star Wars vs. Jurassic Park" (on the YouTube channel Slacktory) -- which combines two things that while awesome on their own, are also surprisingly awesome mashed together, sort of like a cinematic version of chocolate and peanut butter.

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  12. Gaming

    Stop What You’re Doing and Listen to This Chrono Trigger and Jay-Z Mashup Album

    Chrono Trigger is far and away one of my absolute favorite video games, even though I did lose all my save progress during an ill-fated car trip with the PlayStation version. The characters and game mechanics are great, but it's the music that really sets it apart. Anyone that's played the game knows what I'm talking about. So, believe me when I say you should absolutely listen to this Chrono Trigger/Jay-Z mashup album.

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  13. Entertainment

    Celebrate the Return of the Bluth Family With These Arrested Development-Inspired Tumblrs

    Arrested Development has a date set for its comeback, and we couldn't be happier. The show is one of our rerun go-tos -- great for watching while doing doing the dishes or other menial chores -- and it goes great with pretty much anything. Need proof? Just check out some of these Tumblrs that mashup the wit and wisdom of the Bluth family with some of our other favorite TV shows, and commence getting pumped for 14 new episodes worth of quotable captions that are on their way.

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  14. Gaming

    There are Multiple Zelda-Gangnam Style Mashups

    This week in weird mashups, we have the extraordinarily popular "Gangnam Style," which by the way, is currently sitting just below 340 million views on YouTube, and The Legend of Zelda, because "Gangnam" kind of sounds like the franchise's perennial villain, "Ganon." You wouldn't want to live in a world where this didn't happen, just admit it. Sometimes, you need a little pain and also Tingle.

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  15. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 2/13

    Test footage from the ThunderCats CGI movie (Flixist) Sunday round-up of gamer webcomics (Kotaku) Somebody leaked a completely playable Crysys 2 online (Destructoid) Duke Huggem trailers, behind the scenes footage, news to hug your eyes (Mega64) Pigs, Angry Birds, friendship (Dorkly) Gallery of Brilliance: Vintage Documentary-SciFi Edition (io9) This link is about dinosaur sex. (Smithsonian) (Top pic via Neatorama)

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