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    Stick It to Fred Phelp’s Memory by Buying a Hawkeye or Captain Marvel Shirt

    It's hard to know how to feel about the recent passing of Fred Phelps, in no small part because he did a lot of terrible things and was generally (and rightly) seen as an extremely bad person. But, Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick will make things a little easier for you by giving a bunch of their hard-earned comic book money to charity.

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    The Fourth Printing Cover of Sex Criminals Is Even Better in Its Physical Form

    We've featured Sex Criminals, the Matt Fraction/Chip Zdarsky comic about people who can stop time with their orgasms, as one of the editor's picks for our Geekosystem podcast in the past. That's because it's totally amazing. The first issue is getting a fourth printing, and what they've done with the cover is nothing short of fantastic.

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    Hawkeye Gets a Potato Jesus Makeover Courtesy of Comic Book Artist David Aja

    What's that Spanish lady who performed that botched restoration of the Ecce Homo fresco up to these days? That's what David Aja wanted to know on his Twitter a few nights back. Luckily, he decided to follow through on that thought with the help of Hawkeye writer Matt Fraction. I can't look away. It's so beautiful.

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    Make This Happen: Indiegogo Campaign to Create a Nikola Tesla Animated Series

    Two animation and science enthusiasts are trying to make every geek's dreams come true. The guys behind Wood Goblin Studios have an Indiegogo campaign to fund the pilot of a cartoon about Nikola Tesla. To make it even nerdier and more perfect, his sidekick is Mark Twain, and they travel through time battling Thomas Edison, because of course they do. My only question about this cartoon is why doesn't it already exist?

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