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    Days of Futurama Past: Comedy Central Ends The Show’s Run Sep. 4

    Futurama has been cancelled before, but it looks like this time it might really, truly be over. Comedy Central has decided not to order any more episodes of the show, and will just it march slowly to its death on September 4th as it closes out its seventh season. The news will no doubt upset fans, but the show's executive producer David X. Cohen isn't surprised.

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    Matt Groening Reveals The Simpsons Springfield is Named After the One in Oregon

    In an interview with Smithsonian Magazine, The Simpsons creator Matt Groening revealed the one and only burning question fans of the show have ever wanted to know: Where is Springfield?

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    New Futurama Episodes Coming in June

    We rejoiced when we heard that Futurama might come back to TV, but now we know for sure, and we've got a date: Comedy Central will air the first of 26 new episodes of Matt Groening's sci-fi cult hit in June.

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